Lime in the Coconut

I do not really have much to tell today, but just want to introduce a drink which I recently came upon by chance and which I simply had to try. The cocktail is called “Lime in the Coconut” and was created by Elizabeth Forsythe from the Hot Joy in San Antonio, Texas. That may not sound unusual or exciting at first, but although it is a fairly simple recipe, it is more than unusual indeed!

And that is simply the case because of the composition of ingredients: it is a refreshing cocktail in which gin and coconut water meet. Now I do not know how many of you may find nothing special about this combination, but I could not imagine it at all. Nonetheless, the Lime in the Coconut has really taught me better. If you go for a more citrus-flavored New Western Dry gin, you actually get an undreamt-of fresh and aromatic flavor, which was not yet known to me. But personally I liked the drink best with my much appreciated Icelandic VOR Gin. The rhubarb, herbal and citrus notes of this gin in combination with the light barley character catches the taste of fresh coconut water very skillfully and you’re rewarded with a drink that definitely tastes different but good.

In fact, it is not easy to guess the ingredients if you do not know what is inside this drink because the flavor in the glass is something really new. Whilst a white or dark rum, along with coconut water, is almost routinely classic and no one would raise an eyebrow because of it, the surprise effect of the Lime in the Coconut is definitely given. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but I had to write about this drink simply for the innovative character of the drink only.

Recipe “Lime in the Coconut” (my adapted version):

4.5 cl VOR Icelandic Gin
9 cl coconut water
1.5 cl lime juice
1.25 cl sugar syrup

Preparation: Shake all ingredients in the shaker on ice and strain into the glass filled with fresh ice cubes.

Glass: Highball / Collins

Equipment: lime wheel

Buying sources: At specialized retailers or online. Coconut water can be found in good quality in Asian grocery stores.

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