Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum 8 Years & Colonial Ties

Yes, they exist: tastings and review articles that you look forward to a little more than to others. And today’s is certainly one of them, which of course has good reasons, which I would also like to go into: I already know the predecessor bottling (and loved it), in general today we are in the core area of my personal preferences and in addition I appreciate the manufacturer and the transparency associated with the product as well as its reputation on a complicated and not always completely honest market. You might have guessed: Today it’s about rum: rum from Jamaica, to be precise – even more precise: rum from Jamaica, distilled at Hampden Distillery. Read More

Canerock & Tortuga on the Rocks

And today it’s about a new „rum“ product from the house of Ferrand, although it does not bare the name „Plantation“. When I saw the bottle for the first time and held it in my hands, I was quite impressed by ist design: A heavy, thick glass bottle – I almost want to call it a decanter – encloses an amber liquid while being adorned by a really pretty turtle decoration reminiscent of exotic island beaches. And inside is… a Spiced Rum. Well, I admit, here I was not as enthusiastic anymore, since there are Spiced Rums on the market like sand by the sea and to what extent this one will deliver something groundbreaking or new, would have to be seen. Read More