J.M Rhum XO & Rhum Old Fashioned

Today it is once again about a Rhum Agricole. In the past I have already written about Rhums from J.M. here in the blog. In the course of these articles, I have reviewed the Rhum JM 50° and used it in a sour with white asparagus, which sometimes causes some irritation. Furthermore, the Shrubb J.M Liqueur d’Orange was also put to the test here. Today, however, it is about a matured representative of the series: The J.M Rhum XO. Read More

Lind & Lime Gin – The Way to Paradise

As an author of booze reviews, you’re naturally striving for a certain objectivity. Although I hope that it is not necessary to point out the impossibility of achieving such a complete objectivity at this point, it still remains in view somewhere as a shining beacon of how things should ideally be. Okay, this may sound a little bit more dramatic than intended, but actually I just want to emphasize that I don’t let myself easily be blinded by outer appearances. Well, I have to admit, today it was not really easy for me! Read More

The Rear Cocktail – a medium drink made with rye whiskey and “Speckbirne”

Today, the main focus will be on a special drink that was the result of some thought experiments around the pears. I really wanted to make a drink with bourbon or rye whiskey and a pear distillate and here I also had some ginger in mind. How exactly I would create this drink was not quite clear to me at first. My initial thoughts have been about a kind of sour cocktail, whereas I find sours in principle rather simple and personally prefer drinks that consist exclusively of alcoholic ingredients (granted, a source of sweetness like in an Old Fashioned may also be part of it). So I thought a little bit further. Read More

Dover Azuki Liqueur & Aka-Murasaki

If you have ever travelled to the Far East, you will probably not have been able to avoid contact with the sweet, red bean paste found in countless desserts and pastries. The name azuki bean paste is somewhat less common, even though it is actually the correct name for the sweet called dousha in China and An, Anko or Ogura in Japan. Because the basis of the paste is the so-called azuki bean (sometimes adzuki bean). And it is precisely this bean that is the decisive ingredient for the liqueur that is the focus of attention today. Read More