Sierra Milenario Fumado Tequila & Teatime with Imix

Even though there are many different changes, which the bar world has undergone during the last few years, one of them is certainly the rise of the Mexican spirits Tequila and Mezcal. Admittedly, the reality in Germany and most other European countries is far from being the same as in the USA and it is also far behind the ever-present prophecies predicting both spirits a shining bright future, but at least the name Mezcal has become known to more and more people. Read More

Benguela Diamonds Gin & Corpse Reviver #2

The international spirits market has changed a lot during the last decades. Of course, people also have enjoyed drinking spirits in the past and thus have generated a solid demand for it, but it is the premium segment in particular that is changing into an increasingly important part of the market. There are premium spirits springing up like mushrooms in every nook and cranny and the enthusiasm of the people seems to be unbroken. Last but not least, this blog is also an example of the described development. And when I think of spirits that are sprouting from the ground, I almost automatically think of gin. Read More

La Escondida Mezcal & The “Descubrimiento”

La Escondida: the hidden or the concealed – that’s a name for a spirit that makes you curious to know more! In addition, the very appealing label of this bottle does its part: there is a mermaid whose face is strongly reminiscent of the aesthetics of Día de Muertos: with one hand in her hip, she holds a copita full of Mezcal in the outstretched other. Read More

Plantation Peru Multi Vintage & The Peruvian Sundew

Rum is considered by many to be the most global of all spirits. And this is certainly not a pie in the sky, but the result of lacking or hardly existing regulations on a supranational level. Of course, many states have their own legislation on rum production and there are also supranational regulations such as the European Union’s classification framework. However, there is no real regional limitation, while sugar cane is growing not only in the Caribbean. Read More

Veritas White Blended Rum & Jabon Candado

Anyone who enters the world of quality spirits will inevitably be exposed to some basic information very soon. For example, the difference between matured and unmatured spirits (often simply described as white and brown spirits). Of course, this is especially true for the types of spirits that are widely available in both qualities: matured and unmatured. And among these distillates, rum is by far the largest and best known. In this context, it might surprise some people that the term “unmatured” is not correct in most cases. Read More

Among Dreams

New Orleans probably plays the most important and most prominent role in the history of American cocktail culture (and thus also of global cocktail culture). Sazerac, Vieux Carré, the original form of Milk Punches, Brandy Crusta, Boulevardier and many others were created in New Orleans for the first time or are at least suspected to come from this capital of the South. No wonder then, it sometimes seems to have become a real seal of quality if a drink originated in New Orleans. Read More

V-Sinne Schwarzwald Dry Gin & Crushing your Senses

Well, today is the day and I dare to review a bottle of gin again. This may sound a bit irritating now, because I really appreciate a good gin, but of course, it has not been possible to ignore the fact of the sheer endless mass of new appearing juniper distillates we have to deal with since a lot of years. One of these gins is the V-Sinne (German for “five senses”) gin from the Black Forest. Read More

Wild Turkey Rare Breed & Arbitrary Nature of Time

The arbitrary nature of time – what a name for a cocktail! “I mean, have you ever really thought about it?” that’s what Maksym Pazuniak asks in his absolutely fantastic recipe booklet “beta cocktails.” which he published together with Kirk Estopinal. Well, and because the title of this cocktail is such a fit occasion, today I will do something that I would normally not: take up the question (tongue-in-cheek). Read More

Pure Spirits: Havana Club Pacto Navio & Blanc de Havana

The name Havana Club very likely triggers some predictable associations in most people: for many it is even the epitome of rum, ubiquitous in supermarket shelves, bars and discos. Most of these people will probably also think of some of the most famous rum cocktails: the Cuba Libre, the notorious rum and coke or also the Daiquiri. Nevertheless, most will not necessarily think of premium rum of so-called “sipping quality”. Read More

Knob Creek & The Iron Ranger

Bourbon whiskey is probably more in the spotlight now than it has ever been. However, this is less due to the fact that the spirit miraculously gained a fan base twice as big as the current one (although sales figures are developing well and more and more people are actually also interested in high-quality bourbon in Europe), but above all due to the smouldering trade and customs conflict between the USA and the European Union. Fortunately, however, this has not yet led to significantly higher consumer prices. Read More

Pure Spirits: Clément 10 Years Old & Ye Olde Rhum Chest

Gedankenexperiments are often used to illustrate certain principles. This is not only the case with science or basic philosophical research, but of course also in everyday life. They are also often used to express certain personal feelings – you know the question what the one item would be to take with you to the lonely island? Well, today I would also like to state something similar: “If I had to decide immediately for a rum style and should no longer drink any other rum, I would definitely choose Rhum Agricole”. Read More

Pina Paradise

Well, today I don’t really have much to say or to tell. I just have a cocktail, which I would like to present here (ok, that might sound a bit like business as usual after all). A few days ago I received guests and knew that they were not really experienced when it comes to spirits or cocktails in general. Nevertheless, I was asked for an “exotic” cocktail. Read More

Pure Spirits: Aberlour 12 Years & The Whisky Highball

Today it’ll be classic! Moreover, when I say this, I think of a certain reputation that Scotch Single Malt whisky has among spirit lovers as well as my personal biography concerning Scotch. In fact, Scotch Single Malt was my personal starter that made me enter the world of high-quality spirits and to this day, I have not lost my enthusiasm for that kind of whisky. Read More


Celtic rites, green hills and dense forests, rugged coasts, bagpipes, druids and witch magic… Guess what country I am talking about here… exactly: Spain!
Anyone who now thinks I am crazy has definitely not yet been to a special part of Spain that is surprisingly largely unknown to the majority of Spain tourists coming from abroad: Galicia. Read More

Pure Spirits: Pierre Ferrand Renegade Barrel No°2. & Dark as Night

It is not always easy being a friend of handcrafted and quality spirits. There is simply a gigantic supply of different bottles out there and so the decision for the right drink at the right moment can be overwhelming: What do I want exactly in this moment? What matches the ambience? What about the season or the weather? Would I prefer something light and floral or better something strong? Even Smoky? Sometimes life can be very tough. Read More

Pure Spirits: Kyrö Juuri New Make Rye & Juuri wants to drink a Sunflower

New Make or White Dog is a term that is regularly used in connection with whisky production (and more and more often beyond that context). If the term tells nothing to you, however, there is nothing to be ashamed of, because it usually does not play a particularly important role for the end consumer, unless you are specifically looking for it. Although today’s bottle shows that it can sometimes be worthwhile to give a New Make a chance – I can already tell you about that right at the beginning. Read More

Pure Spirits: Alpestre & Le Mer de Glace

This year I have already presented some Italian herbal and bitter liqueurs on this blog. In general, hardly any other country seems to have such a complex tradition in this field as Italy. Amari (Plural of Amaro) are as indispensable in Italian culture as they have become in the international bar world – and for good reason, because they are not only elementary basic ingredients in great cocktail classics, they also enrich the repertoire of mixing possibilities with their wide range of flavors. Read More

The Old Judge Falernums & some Tiki thoughts


I can still vividly remember the time when I occasionally came across the term “Falernum” while browsing through cocktail books and recipe collections. At that time, my personal horizon was hardly comparable with today’s and somehow I must have categorized this particular ingredient as “something totally special” and simply avoided any recipes that called for it. Anyway, I can still recall the feeling when I first decided to research what it is: “Caribbean spice liqueur or spice syrup” – where the hell can I find something like that? Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry & Te-Ohia-Hemorere

Comparing rum with whisky is basically a futile undertaking. Of course it is understandable that this is tried again and again, but in the end it really does not make sense. Just like the famous comparison of apples and oranges. Nevertheless, today I would like to try a small allegory from the whisky world to point out a special circumstance in the world of rum. Read More

Pure Spirits: Revolte Swedish Punch, Lasky Cocktail & Chutes & Ladders

Most of the times you’re looking for inspiration in old bar books, you’ll come across some ingredients that don’t necessarily are familiar to everyone. Although the availability of traditional cocktail ingredients has developed very positively in the meantime, such products usually do not count among the starlets in the cocktail world. One of these ingredients is the Swedish Punch – and I would like to present a very special revival attempt in this category today. Read More

Ti’ Punch au Café

It may seem like cliché bartender talk when I state that I most often decide to mix the classics at home. But that does not change the fact that this is true. On the other hand, however, the desire for variety is always present, which seems to contradict each other at first glance. The logical consequence is to regularly vary classics. And of course the number of endless variations found throughout the world of drinks shows that most people probably think that way. Read More

Pure Spirits: Admiral Rodney Extra Old & The Rum Runner

In the first place, St. Lucia is the name of an island in the Caribbean. People who are into Geography may be interested to know that it belongs to the archipelago with the sound name “Islands Above the Wind”, which in turn is part of the Lesser Antilles. But lovers of rum will certainly sit up when the name of this small, independent island state is mentioned. Primarily this has to do with the bottlings from “St. Lucia Distillers”, which also produce the rum that I want to focus on today. Read More

The “Dripster” & Cold Drip Fashioned

In the past, I’ve actually been asked several times why “Cold Brew” or “Cold Drip Coffee” has hardly played a role in my blog so far. Especially considering that the possibilities to use it are so diverse, especially for cocktails. And indeed, I do not really have a satisfactory answer to this question, except that I have not really addressed the issue yet. Time to change it. Read More

Pure Spirits: Nardini Amaro & Six Inch Gold Blade

Let’s once again think of Italy! Of the city of Bassano in the Veneto region where the grappa and amaro producer Nardini is based (I did already introduce them in detail here in the past). So if you are looking for basic information about the question of what exactly an Amaro is, or maybe just for some background information about the house of Nardini, I’d recommend you to take a look at the corresponding article. That also makes sense because today another amaro is in the center of attention. I’m talking about the Nardini Amaro. Read More

Straits Sling & Singapore Spiced Sling

When I wrote about the Singapore Sling here on this blog about two and a half years ago, I also dropped a few lines about the name of that world-famous cocktail. However, I kept it rather short at that time and merely pointed out that this drink – although Singaporean in its original form – probably did not have much in common with today’s recipe. After I recently had an excellent twist of a Singapore Sling and once again spend some time thinking about the drink, I would like to add a little more information today – and present two very interesting recipes. Read More

Pure Spirits: TX Gin

Today it’s once more about another gin. A gin that maybe wants to provoke a feeling of holiday while at the same time it is trying to innovate in this highly competitive market. The gin comes from a distillery built up as part of a crowdfunding campaign and it promises to bring a touch of Dutch-Frisian lifestyle into your glass. And of course the Dutch should know a little bit about juniper distillates… Read More