Some of the listed sites and blogs are only available in German language – therefore I’ve marked them: (GER)

About Tequila (GER)


Bar Vademecum (GER)

Chris McMillians NOLA-Videos

Cocktailbart (GER)

Drinkmix (GER)

Eye for Spirits (GER)

Gin Nerds (GER)

Ginthusiast (GER)

Gintlemen (GER)

Ginspiration (GER)

J&C’s Social Bar Project (GER)

Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Jrgmyr (GER)

Mixology (most parts GER)


Schlimmerdurst (GER) (GER)

Tequila Dealer (GER)

Trinklaune (GER)


From beyond the mixing glass:

Mindfuck Film (GER)

Hummus where your heart is (GER)