The End of the Road

Today I would like to actually not lose many words, but simply offer a stage to a cocktail, which I personally absolutely love, but which hardly anyone knows. In its simplicity, the drink is not only quick to make, it is above all also an absolute firework of intense, herbal, bitter and smoky flavors. It has it all. And it comes from a man to whom I basically owe my introduction to the world of cocktails. Read More

Faude Whisky Roggen & Somewhere in Between

“No story. Just whisky.” Anyone who describes his water of life like that on the bottle label definitely has my attention. Sure, stories, legends and anecdotes all have their places in the whisky world, but you don’t want all of them as an end consumer, especially if it’s just made-up marketing nonsense. And if you take a closer look at today’s bottle, you’ll find not only a wink, but also a real transparency offensive. But first things first. (provided test product*) Read More