Mathilde Framboise Liqueur & the “Von Linné cocktail”

Fruit liqueurs are, of course, an indispensable part of the bar world. Even in the recipe collections of the 19th century, references to such liqueurs appear again and again, and today’s market also has a lot to offer in this matter. It is therefore all the more interesting to take a closer look at newcomers and see what they have to offer in terms of taste or concept. Read More

Rest & Be Thankful Assemblage #1 Pure Blended Jamaican Rum 13 Years & Drunken Helmsman

It wasn’t that long ago when I wrote about the Rest & Be Thankful Monymusk 2012, a really solid Jamaican rum with extremely fair value for money. Those who read or even have read the linked article will know that this is a blend of 24 barrels of pot still rums blended from Clarendon Distillery with the distillery’s own MDR Marque. Today I now have another Rest & Be Thankful in front of me, but with a few differences. Read More