Pure Spirits: VOR Icelandic Gin

VOR Icelandic Gin

Today’s article is about a very interesting product, the VOR Gin! This gin is distilled in the remote country of Iceland, which is for sure not the first address that comes to mind if you’re thinking about gin. Nevertheless, Iceland has very good conditions for the production of a first-class distillate: Many interesting herbs from a fantastic countryside, crystal clear water and quality barley. So in 2009 the founders of the small Eimverk distillery in Garðabær in southwest Iceland startet to produce their own gin. But they’re not onlye producing the VOR Gin, but also the Floki Icelandic Single Malt Whisky.

It is certainly very unusual that this gin is made a 100% from barley but this adds a unique character to the distillate. In fact, it works very well in certain cocktails that emphasize the character of the gin, for example it was very interesting inside of a Tom Collins where it added a very nice, additional depth of flavors to the generically very refreshing cocktail. But of course the VOR gin will most certainly perfom absolutely great in a classic Martini. In addition to this feature, the VOR Gin was made with a very unusual composition of domestic Botanicals (besides juniper, of course): crowberry, Angelica root, birch leaf, Creeping Thyme, kale, sweet kelp, Icelandic moss and rhubarb. That actually sounds very promising!

At least it seemed to have convinced the jury at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, where the VOR Gin was awarded a double gold medal.

VOR Icelandic Gin

The VOR Gin is produced in a single pot still in small batches and it is triple-distilled and not chill-filtered. This is – compared with whiskey – very unusual for a gin and can even lead to the gin turning a little bit cloudy when mixed with clear ingredients like for example in a classic G&T.

Tasting notes:

Aroma: In fact you can scent the rhubarb immediately next to the characteristic juniper. The VOR Gin offers a very spicy and fruity aroma, which is probably caused by the barley fundament of this gin. It slightly reminds me of Obstler (an Austrian / German schnapps/fruit brandy) or some young continental European whiskys that have been distilled on pot stills normally used for making fruit brandy.

Taste: VOR gin is almost like having a liquid piece of Iceland in your glass: a fresh and wildly aromatic gin. An absolutely great experience with herbs, fine citrus notes and subtle fruit accompanied by a rich and beautiful juniper component.

Buying sources: In stores or online. If you are a spirits dealer yourself, I can recommend you to look for the VOR Icelandic Gin here (only in German language).

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