Plantation Rum Australia 2007 & Rum Serendipity

“Do you come from a land down under?” this was asked by Men at Work for the first time in 1980 and became a world hit. In the meantime, this question has probably been asked by many people on this planet for the most diverse reasons, but most likely it has rarely been worded with a view to the origin of a rum. But that’s exactly what you would have to do in view of today’s bottling, because this rum actually comes “from a land down under”: the Plantation Australia 2007. Read More

Topanito Mezcal & Loaded Pistol

The bottle I’d like to review here today already has a certain history here in the blog. Because it is simply the 40% vol variant of the Topanito Mezcal, about which I wrote in February 2020. Therefore, I will proceed a little differently than in my usual review articles, in which I first put a few words on paper about the background, manufacturing process, raw materials used, and so on. Instead, the focus is on something else. Read More

Ron Libertad Dorado & Amor a la Libertad

In the early days of this blog, I once published an article about a Mexican rum, which I would certainly no longer publish today. There are several reasons for this: my own rum expertise has changed fundamentally since then, the rum actually doesn’t taste very good to me today, and I also bought the bottle for optical reasons back then, which I also wouldn’t do again. Nevertheless, there has just been an appearance of a Mexican rum here, even if it is hardly comparable to today’s bottle. Read More