Waterford Single Farm Origin Broomlands Edition 1.2 Irish Single Malt Whisky & Irish Affinity

For those who are a little more familiar with Scotch whisky, the name Mark Reynier will certainly mean something. The former CEO of the Scottish Bruichladdich distillery has not only made a name for himself by rescuing the aforementioned distillery, but has also proven himself to be a successful innovator with the programmatic reorientation of Bruichladdich. In this respect, it is of course worth taking a closer look at what else Mark Reynier is doing at the moment. Read More

Topanito Mezcal Artesanal Tepeztate & Oaxaca Sadō

Mexican agave spirits are a recurring topic when it comes to bar trends and forecasts. However, a comparable breakthrough, as it was granted to Tequila, Mezcal and Co. in the USA during the last decade (and partly also in hotspots such as London) has not yet been achieved in continental Europe. Of course, this is partly due to the still dubious reputation of the party shot flanked with salt and lemon, but perhaps also to the still not quite competitive bar presence compared to gin, whisky or, of course, vodka. With this in mind, the subject of today’s article is a very pleasing and exciting one, as it is all about spreading diversity. Read More