Clément Canne Bleue Vieux 2020, Clément Single Cask 100% Canne Bleue & Le Train des Plantations

The fact that Rhum Agricoles form one of my favorite spirits genres was certainly mentioned here on the blog every now and then. Nevertheless, a repetition of that is a somewhat thankful introduction to an article in which it will be once more about Rhum Agricole. Specifically, about two different Rhums from a very well-known and also already reviewed manufacturer: Clément on Martinique. Read More

Pasote Reposado Tequila & Palo Negro

Anyone who concentrates a little more intensively on tequila will not get around the name of Felipe Camarena sooner or later. The Camarena family is famous in the world of agave spirits and Felipe is now in the fourth generation of the family craft. And his name has also come up several times here in the blog, as he is primarily associated with three different tequilas from a particular distillery. Read More