Aluna Coconut Rum & Paradise Flip

Long ago – back then this blog was still very young – I wrote about a rum infused with pineapple and thus introduced the category of flavoured rums as a topic here early on. Since then, some spiced rums have been reviewed, various Falernums (or Falerna, whatever) and some sweet rums, where one may well argue about the extent to which they are not actually spiced or flavoured rums as well. What I have not yet discussed here, however, is a flavoured rum specifically flavoured with coconut. And that’s exactly what I’d like to finally do. Read More

Plantation Barbados 2011 & Flor de Barbados

Today I am pleased to be able to once again taste a rum from the Plantation series and use it in a drink. It is the Plantation Barbados 2011, which comes as a One-Time Limited Edition and there are only 24 casks from which this rum was filled into bottles. Since I have written about Plantation Rums very often in the past and have already gone into the background of the brand several times, I want to go directly into medias res today. Read More

Rhum J.M VSOP & The Trénelle Cocktail

I simply can’t deny a certain, personal pleasant anticipation with some types of spirits. Of course, I know what I like. Nevertheless, I always try to pursue a review approach striving for objectivity, which I will also not give up today. That said, I really do like Rhum Agricole downright, I’ve tried a few products from the manufacturer that today’s Rhum Agricole comes from so far – and I’ve liked them. It would be really surprising now if it would be a flop. But well, you never know. Read More

Radius Dild Akvavit & the Dilly-Dally Cocktail

In all my years of blogging, I have of course also tried rather odd or quirky spirits. Most of the time they belong to categories far away from what you’re used to (like baijiu for example), but that’s not necessarily the case, as today’s article will surely show. Because for the bottle in focus today, a visit to a country neighbouring Germany is enough: Denmark. Read More