Freimeisterkollektiv Zitronenverbene, Freimeisterkollektiv Wodka Sangaste & the Cold Drip Lemon Verbena Negroni

Today I would like to once again review two bottles from the range of the Freimeisterkollektiv here. The Freimeisterkollektiv Wodka Sangaste by Sven Ivanov and the Freimeisterkollektiv Zitronenverbene (Geist) by Georg Hiebl (Zitronenverbene means lemon verbena in German). And, of course, there is still an exciting cocktail waiting for you, which today is made using the cold drip method. Read More

Foursquare Plenipotenziario

When I first started to devote myself to rum, today’s common awareness of the different styles, the addition of sugar, glycerine or vanillin, which is unfortunately practiced by many manufacturers, was not raised at all. My first orientation in the rum world at that time was still a division into the so-called Spanish, French and British rum style, as you can still find it in some rum literature today. Although this classification is not necessarily completely absurd, it is now also considered outdated and not very meaningful. A distillery with which I connect a real aha- respectively awakening experience is the Foursquare Distillery from the island state of Barbados. Read More

Sweyn Gabelbart Passion Gin & The Passion of Heyerdahl

What do Vikings, gin and passion fruit have in common? Nothing? Well, at least they have managed to come together in a very daring marketing story around a gin that I want to review here today. In fact, I have involuntarily wrinkled my forehead a few times while reading the background story, because I find the narrative around this bottle really odd – and I have already read a few marketing stories about spirits and have also briefly reviewed them here. However, things are the way they are. In the end, what counts for me anyway is what is contained in the bottle and how it performs in the tasting. But one thing at a time. Read More

Acqua Bianca & the White Grasshopper

For those familiar with the bar world, Salvatore Calabrese probably doesn’t need to be introduced. But if the name doesn’t mean anything to you, I will offer you a few lines about Mr. Calabrese: The man originally comes from the Italian Amalfi Coast and is meanwhile usually referred to as “The Maestro”. He gained particular fame as the bartender of London’s Duke’s Hotel, where he mainly dealt with old cognacs. He was president of the United Kingdom Bartender’s Guild, is frequently appointed to the jury of cocktail competitions and works as a consultant for numerous spirits companies. In short: the man is a heavyweight in the cocktail world. Read More