Scheibel Premium Plus Ingwer Royal – Gingergold & White Ginger Negroni

Ginger spirits are not necessarily at the top of a typical bar repertoire list. Nevertheless, you will come across recipes that call for them from time to time. Especially the King’s Ginger, produced by Berry Bros. & Rudd, has been the supposedly most common ginger-based liqueur for many years. Ultimately, however, there are not only liqueurs, but also ginger eau-de-vies or – in the broadest sense – ginger spirits, which all differ from each other. And today I would like to take a closer look at a very interesting ginger spirit from Scheibel, which is limited to 2000 bottles. Read More

Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur & Trinidad Cocktail

Coffee liqueurs are indeed a real phenomenon (for me personally, they are in fact a phenomenon in multiple ways)! In general, it must be stated that they have become a permanent element behind every bar and hardly anyone who really wants to build up a serious stock of bar ingredients can avoid a coffee liqueur. Considering this fact, it is even more astonishing that usually only a few brands are mentioned in this context, especially Kahlua from Mexico, which is probably best known for its part in a White Russian. However, the world has also long since started moving in the coffee liqueur segment. Read More

Ginraw Barcelona Gastronomic Gin & Maretini

Just recently, I started an article about a bottle of gin with some thoughts about bottle designs. And actually this seemed quite natural considering the really nice outward appearance of the Lind & Lime Gin. However, also today I could start my article with very similar words, because once again I have a gin bottle in front of me that stands out without any doubt. In view of the really large and competitive gin market, which is entered by new bottlings on an almost daily basis, the design, which has always been not insignificant from a salesman’s point of view, seems to gain even more importance. Read More

Mezcal Local – Wake me up, and then sacrifice me to Quetzalcoatl!

So, once again it is time for Mezcal! Well, and that makes me especially happy in the case of today’s bottle, because we are dealing with a special one about which I have already heard lots of good things. To what extent this premature praise is actually true and whether I can join in the hymn after the tasting remains to be seen, of course. However, on paper, at least some things are already really cool. Read More