Pure Spirits: Admiral Rodney Extra Old & The Rum Runner

In the first place, St. Lucia is the name of an island in the Caribbean. People who are into Geography may be interested to know that it belongs to the archipelago with the sound name “Islands Above the Wind”, which in turn is part of the Lesser Antilles. But lovers of rum will certainly sit up when the name of this small, independent island state is mentioned. Primarily this has to do with the bottlings from “St. Lucia Distillers”, which also produce the rum that I want to focus on today. Read More

The “Dripster” & Cold Drip Fashioned

In the past, I’ve actually been asked several times why “Cold Brew” or “Cold Drip Coffee” has hardly played a role in my blog so far. Especially considering that the possibilities to use it are so diverse, especially for cocktails. And indeed, I do not really have a satisfactory answer to this question, except that I have not really addressed the issue yet. Time to change it. Read More

Pure Spirits: Nardini Amaro & Six Inch Gold Blade

Let’s once again think of Italy! Of the city of Bassano in the Veneto region where the grappa and amaro producer Nardini is based (I did already introduce them in detail here in the past). So if you are looking for basic information about the question of what exactly an Amaro is, or maybe just for some background information about the house of Nardini, I’d recommend you to take a look at the corresponding article. That also makes sense because today another amaro is in the center of attention. I’m talking about the Nardini Amaro. Read More

Straits Sling & Singapore Spiced Sling

When I wrote about the Singapore Sling here on this blog about two and a half years ago, I also dropped a few lines about the name of that world-famous cocktail. However, I kept it rather short at that time and merely pointed out that this drink – although Singaporean in its original form – probably did not have much in common with today’s recipe. After I recently had an excellent twist of a Singapore Sling and once again spend some time thinking about the drink, I would like to add a little more information today – and present two very interesting recipes. Read More

Pure Spirits: TX Gin

Today it’s once more about another gin. A gin that maybe wants to provoke a feeling of holiday while at the same time it is trying to innovate in this highly competitive market. The gin comes from a distillery built up as part of a crowdfunding campaign and it promises to bring a touch of Dutch-Frisian lifestyle into your glass. And of course the Dutch should know a little bit about juniper distillates… Read More

Perrier Jouët Blason Rosé & Old Cuban

Today I would like to present a cocktail and a matching champagne here. In the past, I have already blogged about a few champagne cocktails and in that course, I have also always written about the problem of using champagne as a cocktail ingredient at home. And of course, as a home bartender you are always faced with the question of whether it really has to be a champagne and whether you will really use up the bottle in the short time that is available. Read More