Herencia de Plata Licor de Café & Aztec Code

A few months ago, I followed a wide-ranging blind tasting of various coffee liqueurs in a German online community ( with a lot of interest, in which several testers (including some fellow bloggers) scored various coffee liqueurs without any knowledge of what they had there in the glass. Their results were ultimately recorded in a point system and the result was finally published. In third place and thus part of the leading group: the Herencia de Plata Licor de Café. And a review bottle of precisely that liqueur finally found its way to my mailbox a few weeks later and stands now – ready for review – in front of me on the table. Read More

Adriatico Roasted Almonds Amaretto & Mezcal Jackson

There are a few types of spirits that you won’t find here on the blog. The reasons for this are quite different: some I use so rarely myself that they simply don’t have much relevance for me, others are not particularly widespread in general, so that there are simply few recipes in which they play a role – and still others I simply don’t like. Admittedly, there aren’t really many of them; in fact, strictly speaking (perhaps apart from some cheap baijius), there’s really only one genre of spirit I absolutely dislike: amaretto. Read More

Dead Wid Laugh – Navy Island Navy Strength Rum, Rinomato Bitter Scuro & Hoos Coffee Liqueur

Today I would like to break a little with the established convention to start my blog articles with the review of one or more bottles. Instead, I want to start directly with the cocktail and afterwards go into details about some of the spirits I’ve used. The reason is simply that the drink is something special and therefore needs or deserves a few words of explanation. Howsoever: the Dead Wid Laugh  is more than it seems to be. Read More