Kiyomi & Teeda – Two Japanese rums from Okinawa

It wasn’t that long ago that I first read the announcement of the house of Ferrand that they will start distributing two Japanese rums in Germany. Japanese rums of course make you sit up and take notice, because since the Japanese were able to cement their reputation as a premium whisky producer once and for all, people in the world of spirits are really crazy about everything that comes from Japan. Be it whiskies, gins, genuine Japanese spirits such as Shōchū, but recently also rum. Read More

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey & Solidago

Anyone who is at least a little bit into American whiskey will certainly know the iconic bottles of the Woodford series. Flat and without a big label, it somehow reminds of an over-dimensioned glass hipflask – and is thus a real eye-catcher and an unquestionable visual highlight in any showcase. Woodford bottlings also enjoy a good reputation. I would like to find out today to what extent this also applies to the Woodford Rye. Read More

Sasse Lagerkorn 12 & “Am I Emmer?”

It was not long ago since the award for “Best Continental European Whisky” at the “International Wine and Spirits Competition” once again caused quite a stir, because the winner was actually a German Korn (and not for the first time, already in 2010 – according to my knowledge – a Korn schnapps won this prize for the first time). Strictly speaking, it was the Cigar Special Cuvee Korn from the house of Sasse. But how can it be that a Korn from the Münsterland region wins a prize for best whisky? Well, basically the question is very easy to answer: it simply is a whisky. Read More

Cinecane Popcorn Rum & Flip Out

Hardly any other spirit has been as extensively discussed in recent years as rum. This has to do mainly with the dubious practice of sweetening rum with plenty of sugar, or with the addition of even more dubious substances such as glycerine or the like to give rum a smoother mouth feel. Now these years of discussions can be regarded as a success story in the course of consumer sovereignty, because a lot has actually changed: Many manufacturers are no longer sugaring as notoriously as they did at the beginning of the increasing awareness of the sweetening process, many now also declare their additions more or less transparently or – and this also happened – have simply lost their reputation if they simply continued to do so. Read More