Cookie or Gumdrop

When it comes to creating new drinks with particularly high-quality spirits a lot of people (including me) tend to think about rather simple drinks in which the base spirit takes on a prominent role and is not overpowered by other ingredients. So you quickly create some twist on an Old Fashioned or something similar and I have done this may times in the past. But sometimes it has to be a somewhat more complicated drink with a sophisticated, yet mature character and a rather small potential target audience. Read More

Black Briar

If someone asks me for a cocktail with blackberries, my first reflex is probably the same as the one of many others in that case: I usually tell something about the Bramble cocktail, about Dick Bradsell and basically just all the stuff I also wrote in my article about the Bramble. But, of course, there are numerous other variations on how to use blackberries in cocktails. And what better way to combine the full-bodied blackberry with a spicy and high-quality rye whiskey? Read More

Pure Spirits: Goldjunge Distilled Dry Gin

Huge, hard-fought, attractive for newcomers and bloated: many observers describe the international (and also the particular German) gin market with such words. And also for me it is not an easy task to decide which gins I want to write about at all. Some are already “over-reviewed”, others are not that interesting for me personally and with all this in mind I have to admit that my gin enthusiasm is put to a test by the constant flood of new releases. Read More

Mango Overboard

What is the point where we actually start calling a drink a Tiki cocktail? Sure, if there is a whole series of exotic juices intermingling in a potpourri of different rums and a burning volcano of overproof alcohol is loudly shouting “TIKI !!!!” directly in your face, you might be dealing with a tiki cocktail. A cocktail umbrella is usually an equally reliable sign. And for some “purists” Tiki is probably everything with a touch of pineapple or other exotic fruits. Read More

Pure Spirits: Revolte Overproof, Revolte Falernum & The Ranglum Cocktail

It is not very long ago that I have written about the Revolte Rum here on the blog. A rum that has caused quite a great stir in the German-speaking bar and cocktail scene. Now I am notorious for not really being a person who is directly up to date in terms of the hottest trends in bars and clubs but today I am all the more happy to be up-to-the-minute. Who now thinks I’m stupid to call an article about the Revolte Overproof Rum “up-to-the-minute” in July 2017 can calm down: I was not thinking about the Revolte Overproof Rum I am also writing about today but of the Revolte Falernum, which indeed is brand-new and which I bought last week. Read More

Pure Spirits: Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon & The Manhattan Cocktail

Today I want to write about a bottle that is near and dear to me. In fact, it includes one of the first Kentucky Straight Bourbons I came in contact with since seriously being concerned about spirits and bar culture. And to this day it belongs to my undisputed favorites: the Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon. What makes this bourbon so special? And how should you drink it? Read More

Pure Spirits: G. Rozelieures Rare Collection & The Bleeding Cask Cocktail

A few days ago I had already announced to write today’s article about another Single Malt whisky from the G. Rozelieures series. Well, I did like the previously presented G. Rozelieures Origine Collection and this was not taken for granted since continental Single Malts have disappointed me more than once in the past. However, the G. Rozelieures also stand out a little bit with their smoky character (which is rather unusual for continental Single Malts). So the Single Malt I want to talk about today listens to the name “G. Rozelieures Rare Collection”. Read More

The Martini of Ice and Fire

I have to admit that today’s article is making quite an issue of a rather simple drink. Actually the cocktail presented here is nothing more than a variation of the classic Martini. Whether it therefore deserves its own name can certainly be challenged. But ultimately it is a very special Martini in this form, which is why I finally think it should have its name. Especially since the name leaves no doubt that it is essentially a Martini. Oh, and if some of you might think that the cocktail may have something to do with “Game of Thrones”, I must disappoint you. Read More