Nikka Days & Kanpai

Nikka, a Japanese spirits producer belonging to the Asahi Group, is now famous not only among whisky drinkers. Of course, it is especially the friends of single malts and Japanese blends who were the first to become familiar with the Nikka brand outside of Japan in the course of rising popularity of Japanese whiskies. But Nikka has also been able to make a really very good name for itself in other spirits segments, such as gin. The Nikka Coffey Gin is – as of today – still one of my absolute favorites. Nevertheless, today it is once again a whisky that is in focus. Read More

Hampden Rum Fire White Overproof Rum & Nuclear Banana Daiquiri

Hampden – the name has become increasingly well-known in Europe in recent years and has long since made its way out of the niche of the insider tip for rum experts. Although (unfortunately) it is still not that common if one considers the market shares of subsequently altered sweet rums, but with a view to the already scarce availability of many matured qualities of the Jamaican distillery, this is again also advantageous for those who already appreciate rums of Hampden Distillery. But Hampden doesn’t always have to be exorbitantly expensive. Read More