Pure Spirits: Plymouth Navy Strength Gin & Springtime in Plymouth

In addition to the classic London Dry Gin, there is hardly a gin that represents the British gin tradition in a similar way as the Plymouth Gin does. The city of Plymouth is also closely interwoven with the history of the Royal Navy and is still home to an important naval base today. What all this has to do with Gin and how far Plymouth Gin is something special, I will briefly try to outline below. Of course, the focus lies on the gin itself and on a suitable cocktail for the spring season. Read More

Pure Spirits: The Torran Single Malt Whisky

A Scotch Single Malt, whose name does not correspond to any known distillery? What may confuse some whisky beginners, is a pretty normal circumstance for the advanced friend of Scotch whisky: Independent bottlers buy whisky casks of a particular distillery (or as part of the contract even already bottled ones) and decide themselves, how long the whisky should stay in the cask or if it will get a finish in a special cask. They decide whether it will be blended with other malts from the same distillery and finally when it will be bottled and sold. Read More

Pure Spirits: Luxardo Sangue Morlacco & Il Fumo di Morlacco

Today, I’d like to introduce a cocktail along with a liqueur, which in a way relies on a similar aromatic style as the Port, Spice & Cherry-Punch from my last article did. The liqueur is a representative of a world-famous Italian traditional brand, about which I have already presented some background information in the context of another article (and if you should primarily think of Amaros respectively Amari when it comes to Italian liquor, will find some basic information here). Read More

Port, Spice & Cherry Punch

Punches often get the short end of the stick. At least that applies to me when it comes to making them at home – especially those numerous punch recipes that call for a large bowl to be served in. The reason is quite simple: they are only worth the effort for a larger number of guests. Nevertheless, there are so many beautiful recipes among these punches, so I would like to introduce one of them today. In addition, I will show you a rather trivial way to deal with the problem of large quantities. Read More