Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto & Giardino all’italiana

There are moments when I fell a little strange as a blogger. Because if you write an article in 2019 about a product that has enjoyed an incredibly high media presence in the bar world in recent years and even received the Mixology Bar Award for the best European bar product in 2017, then of course what you are doing has little to do with topicality or the latest trends. But then again it is not my ultimate claim to be as up-to-date as possible. Read More

Rey Campero Joven Mezcal & Pandan Mezcal Crusta

I was really looking forward to today’s article, because I finally have the opportunity to write about a promising Mezcal again. Just to avoid misunderstandings: of course I also appreciate good Tequilas (which in the end are nothing else than Mezcals), but after introducing some of them here lately, I’m looking forward to a little smoky agave flair again. Provided, of course, that today’s bottle delivers what it promises. Read More

Werner Wermut White, Rosé & Red and the Martiné

When someone mentions the name “Werner” in Germany, most people probably think of a comic figure by Rötger Feldmann which is portraying a North-German biker guy, who is working as a plumber, drinking beer and doing some crazy stuff. However – this should come as no surprise – I will not write anything about this comic figure, but rather take a closer look at a number of very interesting vermouth bottlings, which also listen to the name Werner. These bottles have nothing to do with Northern Germany, bikers or beer, but rather with wines, herbs and spices – in addition, they are made in the Southern Palatinate. Read More

Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey & Celtic Cream Cocktail

Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, John Boyd; there are quite some Irish writers who have made it to world fame. And they all drank an Irish whiskey to bolster their creativity: the Writer’s Tears from the Walsh Whiskey Distillery in Carlow… Well, (of course) that’s fictitious nonsense. I won’t deny that whiskey perhaps gave the decisive boost to some passages, but the Writer’s Tears was certainly not drunk by the above-mentioned gentlemen. Nevertheless, it is probably exactly this nimbus that the marketing department had in mind when they decided to allude to the great Irish writer tradition and the cross connections between alcohol consumption and creativity with the name Writer’s Tears. Read More

Scheibel Kamin-Kirsch & Claudia’s Cheating

Recently I received a package with a very interesting bottle inside – together with the information that it would be officially launched on September 1st. The package came from Kappelrodeck in the Black Forest and was sent by “Emil Scheibel Schwarzwald-Brennerei GmbH”. Of course I became very curious, because the Scheibel distillery has not only made a good name for itself among traditional eau de vie drinkers, but is also increasingly a big name behind the bar (at least in Germany). Read More