Calvados Coquerel Limited Editions, Big Apple and the Newark Cocktail

I recently wrote a few lines about Calvados from Maison Coquerel and in the course of this article I also reviewed the Calvados Coquerel VSOP and the Calvados Coquerel XO. Of course I also described two cocktails, the Princess Pride and a slightly upgraded Calvados Sour, which really are an excellent way to enjoy Calvados in a cocktail. Today I will once again talk about Calvados from Maison Coquerel, about three special bottlings to be precise, each with very interesting profiles. Read More

Freimeisterkollektiv RYE Straight Rye Whiskey – Rye & Coffee Manhattan

Once again I would like to take a closer look at a bottle from the Freimeisterkollektiv (which I have already written about here) – the RYE Straight Rye Whiskey to be precise. I was particularly curious about this one, as it was ultimately designed and produced by none other than Rüdiger Sasse, with whose products I, as a Westphalian, have often come into contact. Last but not least, I recently published an article about the really fantastic Lagerkorn 12 here. Read More

Sato No Akebono Gold, Shōchū Negroni & Amami Breeze

Shōchū – unfortunately the genuine Japanese spirit is still quite underrepresented outside of the land of the rising sun, yet it is such a traditional, multi-layered and exciting spirit! In this respect, I am really happy to be able to write about a Shōchū again after some time. Moreover, today it is about a very special and recently awarded representative of its kind! Read More

Giffard Banane du Bresil & The Kapre

There is one particular fruit dividing dividing the bar world when it comes to spirits: and that is the banana. Because of its consistency, it is less suitable as an ingredient for many people, as it is difficult to use without a blender, makes a drink quickly sort of creamy and also shifts the consistency towards a milkshake. This may not sound like a big problem for some occasional drinkers, but if you have a more demanding habit of drinking classic and sophisticated cocktails, you will probably politely refrain from such drinks. A chance to break out of this situation is offered by the colorful world of the Tiki drinks. But here, too, the banana is a special thing because even tiki drinks rarely come across milkshake-like. Read More

Dutch Cacao, 20th Century Cocktail & Ship’s Kobold

“Ciao Cacao!” – that’s what sounded through all the social media channels when a new star from the Dutch company of de Kuyper Royal Distillers appeared to a wider audience for the first time on the stage of the bar scene at the Bar Convent in Berlin. Above all, however, it was also a demonstration of the considerable media range and presence of Le Lion founder Joerg Meyer, who created this “new star” in cooperation with de Kuyper. I’m talking about Dutch Cacao Crème de Cacao White. Today, also I will write a few lines about this product and explain what I think about it. Read More