Pure Spirits: Clément 10 Years Old & Ye Olde Rhum Chest

Gedankenexperiments are often used to illustrate certain principles. This is not only the case with science or basic philosophical research, but of course also in everyday life. They are also often used to express certain personal feelings – you know the question what the one item would be to take with you to the lonely island? Well, today I would also like to state something similar: “If I had to decide immediately for a rum style and should no longer drink any other rum, I would definitely choose Rhum Agricole”. Read More

Pina Paradise

Well, today I don’t really have much to say or to tell. I just have a cocktail, which I would like to present here (ok, that might sound a bit like business as usual after all). A few days ago I received guests and knew that they were not really experienced when it comes to spirits or cocktails in general. Nevertheless, I was asked for an “exotic” cocktail. Read More

Pure Spirits: Aberlour 12 Years & The Whisky Highball

Today it’ll be classic! Moreover, when I say this, I think of a certain reputation that Scotch Single Malt whisky has among spirit lovers as well as my personal biography concerning Scotch. In fact, Scotch Single Malt was my personal starter that made me enter the world of high-quality spirits and to this day, I have not lost my enthusiasm for that kind of whisky. Read More


Celtic rites, green hills and dense forests, rugged coasts, bagpipes, druids and witch magic… Guess what country I am talking about here… exactly: Spain!
Anyone who now thinks I am crazy has definitely not yet been to a special part of Spain that is surprisingly largely unknown to the majority of Spain tourists coming from abroad: Galicia. Read More

Pure Spirits: Pierre Ferrand Renegade Barrel No°2. & Dark as Night

It is not always easy being a friend of handcrafted and quality spirits. There is simply a gigantic supply of different bottles out there and so the decision for the right drink at the right moment can be overwhelming: What do I want exactly in this moment? What matches the ambience? What about the season or the weather? Would I prefer something light and floral or better something strong? Even Smoky? Sometimes life can be very tough. Read More

Pure Spirits: Kyrö Juuri New Make Rye & Juuri wants to drink a Sunflower

New Make or White Dog is a term that is regularly used in connection with whisky production (and more and more often beyond that context). If the term tells nothing to you, however, there is nothing to be ashamed of, because it usually does not play a particularly important role for the end consumer, unless you are specifically looking for it. Although today’s bottle shows that it can sometimes be worthwhile to give a New Make a chance – I can already tell you about that right at the beginning. Read More