Jim Beam Single Barrel & Jim in the Jungle

There are some large spirits companies in the world whose names almost everyone knows. On the other hand, there are companies only known to booze nerds, traders or people being interested in economics. Beam Suntory is a kind of hybrid against this background. Jim Beam – of course, everyone knows the name; and in combination with spirits, just the word “Beam” is enough. In Japan however, everybody knows Suntory, but then again not really outside the country. Why am I writing this? Well, because a well-known name can be both a curse and a blessing. Read More

Kirk and Sweeney 12 Year & Halfway to a Three Ways to Lose your Lover

In advance of today’s contribution, I was very excited. A cigar-smoking friend of mine, whom I have unfortunately only rarely seen lately, had already several times tried to enthuse me about the taste of a cigar in combination with a good rum (or alternatively about the taste of a good rum in combination with a cigar). However, I myself have been a non-smoker for more than ten years and will not make an exception for a cigar, so that it will remain a theoretical interest. However, I am well aware that rum and cigars (or whisky and cigars) have a large fan base. Read More

Stauning Curious & Knickerbocker på Dansk

Yesterday I did already announce it – so I want to deliver today! After my tasting of the Stauning Rye and a suitable cocktail suggestion, it’s time for the Stauning Curious from the so called “Research Series” of the Stauning distillery. To what extent we are dealing with more than a mere white dog here, I will briefly outline in the following. Read More

Stauning Rye & The Waldorf Cocktail

Denmark is certainly not the first country that comes to mind in connection with spirits. And certainly not in connection with whisky. However, in fact the missing association is not necessarily justified, because with the Stauning distillery, a whisky distillery from Denmark focuses entirely on national products. What a whisky from Denmark can do and how the makers approach it, I want to take a closer look at today. Read More

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin & Red Right Hand

In the German-speaking cocktail and bar scene (as in any other) of course also different trends occur. These can have various causes, but often they were more or less triggered by someone. A person who is very good with that is Joerg Meyer (founder of Bar Le Lion in Hamburg), since he is quite successful in using social media. But of course there are also more down-to-earth “hard facts” that are the secret behind many of Mr. Meyer’s influence. Read More