de Rozelieures Poire de Lorraine & „La Poire de Bénédictines”

The name Grallet Dupic may not immediately ring a bell with every spirits enthusiast. It is a traditional fruit distillery from the French region of Lorraine, whose origins date back to 1890. However, those who are particularly interested in mirabelle Eau de Vies will likely have already noticed the name, since the distillery has been famous for that particular type of spirit for a long time. But when you read the name of the village Rozelieures, where the distillery is located, there will certainly be a little more attention: because under this name they publish not only fruit Eau de Vies, but also single malt whiskys for quite some time. Read More

Ferrand Cognac 10 Générations Port Cask & Carlton Banks

As already explained here some time ago, life is currently presenting me with certain challenges that are very much to the detriment of my usual blog activity. In this respect, I currently can’t (for a not yet quite foreseeable time) continue to offer the usual publication frequency. Nevertheless, today I have once again found some time to devote myself to a very interesting bottling: The Ferrand Cognac 10 Générations Double Matured in Port Cask. Read More

Kanosuke 2022 Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky & Fukiagehama Sunset

Japanese whiskies are surrounded by a nimbus of high quality. The country’s typical penchant for detail perfectionism has brought numerous whiskies into the focus of the global whisky community over the past 15 years and established their enduring reputation. And I, too, can’t help but have certain expectations when I hold a Japanese whisky in my hands. So it is again today. Read More

FRC Caribbean Rum Barbados and Jamaica & Winter Cocktail

For health reasons, I have decided to significantly reduce the rate of newly published articles here. Today, however, it is once again time for a new article.

In recent years, the brand FRC has been able to successfully draw attention to itself in the rum segment. Who is a little interested in the rum market or generally always curious to look for new releases, should at least have come across this abbreviation. The “Flensburg Rum Company” is in turn a brand of Oldman Spirits GmbH from Jübeck, which in turn is in close cooperation with Kirsch Import and also sells products of the brand. I also cherish memories full of great enthusiasm for some bottlings of the brand FRC. Read More

Perfecto Fernet Cola

The last weeks and months were not really easy for me, which is also reflected in the frequency of published articles here. Sometimes there are simply occurrences in life when a few things change and smaller upheavals sometimes grow into bigger changes than one originally assumed. But I don’t want to be too abstract here, because there is no general reason to worry. However, at the moment I’m forced to put the blog activity on the back burner and accordingly I can’t offer the frequency of publications I’m used to during the last years. But that should not stop me today from introducing a very fantastic drink here. Read More

Mathilde Framboise Liqueur & the “Von Linné cocktail”

Fruit liqueurs are, of course, an indispensable part of the bar world. Even in the recipe collections of the 19th century, references to such liqueurs appear again and again, and today’s market also has a lot to offer in this matter. It is therefore all the more interesting to take a closer look at newcomers and see what they have to offer in terms of taste or concept. Read More

Rest & Be Thankful Assemblage #1 Pure Blended Jamaican Rum 13 Years & Drunken Helmsman

It wasn’t that long ago when I wrote about the Rest & Be Thankful Monymusk 2012, a really solid Jamaican rum with extremely fair value for money. Those who read or even have read the linked article will know that this is a blend of 24 barrels of pot still rums blended from Clarendon Distillery with the distillery’s own MDR Marque. Today I now have another Rest & Be Thankful in front of me, but with a few differences. Read More

Plantation Stiggins‘ Fancy Pineapple Smoky Formula & Scorched Eden

Unfortunately, the last few weeks have been really hard to get used to. First it was Covid, then for the first time quite serious fatigue problems afterwards and over weeks constantly changing “on-off infections”. Definitely not a good time for alcohol and therefore not for blogging here. Nevertheless, it should finally go on again today. And for this I have chosen an almost nostalgic topic. Because when I think of Plantation Pineapple Stiggins’ Fancy Original Dark, I go back to the early days of Galumbi – Drinks & More – more than six years ago. Back then, I described and tasted the pineapple-infused rum and also created an Old Fashioned called Cofresí, which focused on the classic interplay of pineapple and coconut. Today, I’m pleased to follow up on that article. Read More

Storywood Tequila & Bitter Juan

After having it made through my second Covid19 infection which lead to a while of alcoholic abstinence, I am particularly looking forward to today’s article, because there are some very promising things coming together, on which I am accordingly also incredibly excited. It’s about tequila (which I appreciate very much), about two Reposados exactly (which is basically my favorite category), one of them even bottled with a proud abv of 53% (a thing you don’t meet so often with tequila) and on top of that both have been matured in very exciting and for me in this context also new types of casks. Read More

Belizean Blue Rum & Ancient Mariner

It has been quite a while now since I first came into contact with a rum from Belize. It was an 11-year-old Compagnie des Indes Rum with a proud abv of 66% that convinced me immediately. Since then, I have only once or twice ever had a rum from Belize in my glass and must confess that despite this very successful initial moment, I have not pursued the whole topic as intensively as I could have. All the more I am pleased to be able to taste today once again a liquid greeting from the Central American Caribbean state. Read More

Yuzilla & Poet’s Dream

What do Godzilla and the yuzu fruit have in common? Of course, both have become famous as Japanese cultural exports. And both can claim a massive sphere of influence: While Godzilla revolutionized monster movies and flattened entire cities, the juice of the yuzu fruit has permanently changed the cocktail world and strikes impressively at the taste receptors. But why am I talking such supposed nonsense here? Exactly, because today we are talking about Yuzilla! Read More

Le Gin de Christian Drouin Calvados Cask Finish & Chuchotement

The name Christian Drouin should be familiar in particular to lovers of the French apple brandy Calvados. In Normandy in the Département of Calvados, the Drouin family produces the famous apple brandy in third generation in its distillery, which is located fairly centrally between the two larger cities of Rouen and Caen, somewhat southwest of Honfleur. While Christian Drouin senior founded the business and Christian Drouin junior continued it and internationalized it, in 2004 Guillaume Drouin also joined the business, which he has also managed since 2013. Read More

Scheibel Premium Williams, Schlehe, Mirabell & three eau-de-vie-cocktails

After a small summer break, its time to start blogging today – so to speak, Galumbi – Drinks & More starts into the next season. And while most people probably think of football when they hear the word “season”, different types of fruit are also in season, of course, which brings us (more or less) elegantly to the heart of today’s topic: It is about eau-de-vies respectively Brände and Geiste (in German). More precisely: about two premium Brände and a premium Geist from the house Scheibel. Read More

Waterford Single Farm Origin Broomlands Edition 1.2 Irish Single Malt Whisky & Irish Affinity

For those who are a little more familiar with Scotch whisky, the name Mark Reynier will certainly mean something. The former CEO of the Scottish Bruichladdich distillery has not only made a name for himself by rescuing the aforementioned distillery, but has also proven himself to be a successful innovator with the programmatic reorientation of Bruichladdich. In this respect, it is of course worth taking a closer look at what else Mark Reynier is doing at the moment. Read More

Topanito Mezcal Artesanal Tepeztate & Oaxaca Sadō

Mexican agave spirits are a recurring topic when it comes to bar trends and forecasts. However, a comparable breakthrough, as it was granted to Tequila, Mezcal and Co. in the USA during the last decade (and partly also in hotspots such as London) has not yet been achieved in continental Europe. Of course, this is partly due to the still dubious reputation of the party shot flanked with salt and lemon, but perhaps also to the still not quite competitive bar presence compared to gin, whisky or, of course, vodka. With this in mind, the subject of today’s article is a very pleasing and exciting one, as it is all about spreading diversity. Read More

Root to Fruit – Three Aperitivos

Recently, I received a package containing three quite interesting and promising product samples. In a way, these are new interpretations (but also innovations), which are also suitable for neat enjoyment, but have most likely been developed primarily with an eye towards the bar. Namely, they are brought out by the renowned bar entrepreneur Stephan Hinz. What they are, what we can expect here and some small background information can be found below. Read More

Rest & Be Thankful Monymusk 2012 Pure Single Jamaican Rum & Mr. Bali Hai

With sunny summer temperatures, it’s not particularly difficult to drift off to the Caribbean. And of course, when you hear the word “Caribbean”, you quickly think of rum. All the more convenient that I reviewed a Jamaican rum in my last article about the Hampden 8 Years. Especially because we do not have to reorient ourselves for today’s article. Read More

Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum 8 Years & Colonial Ties

Yes, they exist: tastings and review articles that you look forward to a little more than to others. And today’s is certainly one of them, which of course has good reasons, which I would also like to go into: I already know the predecessor bottling (and loved it), in general today we are in the core area of my personal preferences and in addition I appreciate the manufacturer and the transparency associated with the product as well as its reputation on a complicated and not always completely honest market. You might have guessed: Today it’s about rum: rum from Jamaica, to be precise – even more precise: rum from Jamaica, distilled at Hampden Distillery. Read More

Canerock & Tortuga on the Rocks

And today it’s about a new „rum“ product from the house of Ferrand, although it does not bare the name „Plantation“. When I saw the bottle for the first time and held it in my hands, I was quite impressed by ist design: A heavy, thick glass bottle – I almost want to call it a decanter – encloses an amber liquid while being adorned by a really pretty turtle decoration reminiscent of exotic island beaches. And inside is… a Spiced Rum. Well, I admit, here I was not as enthusiastic anymore, since there are Spiced Rums on the market like sand by the sea and to what extent this one will deliver something groundbreaking or new, would have to be seen. Read More

Park Cognac Mizunara Cask & Dream of a Butterfly

Fortunately, my sense of taste and smell has now fully recovered since my corona infection. At least that’s what I believe. Of course, there is always some subjectivity to statements like that, which I had recently already reflected here. Nevertheless, this circumstance plays not an unimportant role today, because I have not really dared to try some spirits since then. One of them is the one in focus today: a cognac matured in Japanese Mizunara casks. Read More

Quarantini Social Dry Gin & the new Quarantini Rosé

Not so long ago, a friend wrote me a message and asked me, if it would not be a cool idea to make a drink called “Quarantini”. It would certainly be a funny idea in times of the pandemic. Now, I have to explain that said friend is not familiar with cocktails or spirits at all. However, he wasn’t that surprised when I replied, “There’s been a gin by that name for quite a while.” – That’s just how it is sometimes: good and creative ideas come from various sides. Read More

Selva Negra & Blackforest Canto

There are many interesting developments in the world of spirits to which one has become accustomed faster than originally thought. One or the other of these changes is perhaps no longer even actively realized. The fact that there is whiskey from almost every country in the world, for example, really no longer causes anyone to raise an eyebrow. The fact that sometimes a German Korn wins international prizes in a whisky category is usually still worth an anecdote and a few reflective thoughts about category boundaries and definitions, but even that no longer really arouses surprise. And since there is German rum distilled from specially imported sugar cane, the possibilities are truly endless, aren’t they? Read More

Ellenor Elderflower & Pyramid Punch

I remember well the time when I took my first steps into the world of cocktails, gradually acquired a collection of spirits and repeatedly leafed through the few bar books I owned back then. At that time there was one or the other ingredient, which I came across from time to time, but which didn’t mean anything to me and which I then gave a wide berth to for quite a long time. One of them was elderflower liqueur. Read More

Pikesville 110 Proof Straight Rye Whiskey & Old Gal

And today we continue with a bottling that promises to meet my taste, at least on paper – and also at first glance. Whether this is really the case and no disappointment lurks here, of course, remains to be seen, but at least the framework data seems to be just right: Straight Rye Whiskey, 110 proof, traditional craftsmanship… that should fit! I am talking about the Pikesville 110 Proof Straight Rye Whiskey. Read More

James Cree’s Single Malt Whisky, Aber Falls Welsh Whisky & Perfectly Straight Blood & Sand

And another time I would like to take a closer look at two bottles. This time it’s not about gin, but about whisky. And of course, when whisky is mentioned, thoughts immediately turn to Gaelic Scotland, which is intuitively the right impulse even today. But Gaelic Wales also produces whisky, albeit not to the same extent and with a comparable reputation. In this respect, it is also a good idea to focus on a bottle of Welsh Whisky. Read More