Port Askaig 8 Years & Paradise Burning

Today I am happy to have another Scotch Single Malt Whisky in front of me. Especially because it’s been quite a while since I reviewed the last one. My passion for spirits basically started with single malts, although it was a particular gin that was right at the beginning. Nevertheless: as a category, Scotch has been my personal aha experience. According to today’s bottle, you might not immediately know what kind of whisky the Port Askaig is when you’re only dealing with the matter occasionally. However, I hope I can change that in the following. Read More

Forsyths 151 Proof White & White Rum Cocktail

Today there is once again a rum in the centre of my attention. However, this is a truly unusual bottling, which certainly does not meet the criteria one would expect from a “mainstream rum”. The bottle belongs to the portfolio of the renowned bottler Habitation Velier and it has aroused my interest right from the start. I am talking about the Habitation Velier Forsyths 151 Proof White from the Worthy Park Distillery in Jamaica. Read More

Huizache Tequila & Shades of Orange

The German tequila market has certainly been a quite lively one in recent years – gradually, a significantly increased awareness of quality characteristics and differences has developed among many consumers and accordingly has set the market in motion. Well-known manufacturers have expanded their product ranges, traditional brands that were previously unavailable in Germany have found their way to Europe and completely new ones have emerged. Read More

Togouchi Japanese Blended Whisky & Thai Basil Whisky Smash

The days when Japanese whisky was still considered an insider tip are long gone. Rather, “Japanese whisky” has risen to become its own premium brand, so to speak, and “made in Japan” has become a firm sales guarantee. Well, also the Chugoku Jozo distillery near Hiroshima benefits from this, having already expanded its product range in the 1990s to include whisky besides their traditional focus on Shochu. However, not everything here is as it seems. Read More