Minor Case Straight Rye Whiskey & Oriental Spice Fashioned

If you are interested in American whiskey, there is no way around the name “Beam”. That this is the name of a traditional family of master distillers is not necessarily clear to everyone outside of the US or those being only briefly involved with the matter. This is mainly the case because the name Jim Beam has burned itself into the collective consciousness as the brand name of a not too expensive and easily available Bourbon. However, the Beam family has produced much more than just mass product whiskey. Read More

Pisco Malpaso Reservado & Velvet Curtain

The Peruvian and Chilean spirit Pisco is often subject of forecasting. Sometimes it’s the rising star among the bar ingredients, sometimes it’s more of an insider’s tip, sometimes it’s the next big trend – but whatever may be the case, Pisco gathers a remarkable community of people behind it; also outside the two South American states. Unfortunately, at least in Europe this is not expressed in a large range of available brands. Read More

1653 Old Barrel Rum & Wood Old Time

Some gin lovers will certainly be familiar with the Swiss Gin. It is made by the over a century old spirits company Studer & Co AG and can be regarded as a thoroughly successful product. Apart from that, the Studer company is above all famous for traditional fruit eau de vies and liqueurs. A Swiss rum, on the other hand, is certainly not something that many people are aware of. Read More

Doragrossa – Italian Liqueurs from Turin

I am back from a vacation trip to Italy. And that’s why today’s article is the right one to publish now. A few years ago, hardly anyone outside of Italy knew what a Rosolio is. And even if this term still might not really provide an aha-experience for most people, this has undoubtedly changed in the bar and cocktail sphere. The Italicus Rosoli di Bergamotto is undoubtedly responsible for this with all its awards and its high presence in the media – I have also reviewed it here in the past (see link). But the competition is growing! Read More