Beer Nog

Beer Nog

The Eggnog is quite an authority in lots of American living rooms at Christmas Eve. It’s a convention which can rather rarely be found in European countries, though globalization of course does its part.  Nevertheless, on this special day the time has come to have a closer look into the glass of a very delicious and unconventional eggnog. Read More



For many people a pink drink is a dubious issue. The color is like no other attributed to the Girlish and the corresponding social gender roles in Western civilization. No wonder that a lot of male connoisseurs who are very concerned about their own social profile rather try to avoid drinking cocktails of that color. Unfortunately, because todays drink once more proves: color means nothing. Read More

White Russian

White Russian (2 von 3)

Admittedly, those who do not own their private bar at home including various kinds of spirits and liqueurs will certainly have some problems every now and then when planning to mix a special drink with a complex list of ingredients. But thankfully there are those very simple drinks, for which you will usually have all the ingredients you need at home. These of course include very old classics like Old Fashioned, Martini or diverse Juleps, but certainly also a drink, which is not least famous due to a popular movie: the White Russian. Read More

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling (authentic)

The Singapore Sling is one of those drinks that probably easily appears in any Top 20 list of the world’s most famous cocktails. And accordingly it is also one of those drinks that are often served in a really lousy manner. So my first “Singapore Sling” was an entirely sweet cherry-swill that should better have been sold in a frozen form as kind of a funfair slush. Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Tripel Karmeliet

Tripel karmeliet

Belgian beers have not been all too well-reputed for a long time among German beer drinkers. Although little hampers with different Belgian beers were quite popular as a souvenir long before the current craft beer movement, a lot of visitors to the Flemish-Walloon neighbor-kingdom will perhaps in secret have had some envious thoughts about the great variety of beer styles in a typical Belgian beer shelf in the supermarkets. But after returning home most people usually spoke ill about Belgian beers: too sweet, you get a headache from it and so on. Read More

Hoops and Garters

Hoops and Garters

Cocktail Bitters are of course a not to miss-ingredient behind every bar (also behind every home bar with a certain aspiration). They are virtually the icing on the cake. All the more interesting it is to experiment a little with them. Beer, however, will be certainly less associated with the cocktail craft. At least outside of the major metropolises, where some might already think of using beer in drinks as a trend of the past. However, the present cocktail extremely skillfully combines both components. Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Skadi Farmhouse Ale

Skadi Farmhouse Ale

Farmhouse Ales or Saisons enjoy an ever-growing increase in popularity since lately, which is not a great miracle in my opinion because the Saison brewing style usually appeals to the taste of a wide audience, where one or the other IPA-hop-grenade still may be too difficult. Today’s article is about a very special FARMHOUS Ale, which comes from a place most people won’t for sure associate with beer; but nonetheless it is a place which is evolving more and more into small but distinguished beer nation: Iceland. Read More

Planter’s Punch

Planter's Punch

The Planter’s Punch … the sound of that name alone is most likely to make clear to even the last one that it’s somehow about cocktails. Most people have at least heard of it, many already had one in their life though it might have been in questionable quality, since the Planter’s Punch is one thing above all: it is more of an own cocktail category than a single drink. Read More

Advent at Last

Advent at last

It’s been only a few days since I’ve published a small article about the Last Word cocktail which definitely is one of my favorites on the more herbaceous side. In the autumn and winter time such cocktails are of course even more attractive, I think, and so I took the Last Word as an inspiration to create a wintry Christmas variant. Read More