Advent at Last

Advent at last

It’s been only a few days since I’ve published a small article about the Last Word cocktail which definitely is one of my favorites on the more herbaceous side. In the autumn and winter time such cocktails are of course even more attractive, I think, and so I took the Last Word as an inspiration to create a wintry Christmas variant.

After several attempts and some fine tuning I am very satisfied with this drink. To uphold a certain reminiscence, I have named the drink after its inspiring model with the programmatic name: “Advent at Last”.

The Advent at Last is a drink that relies on a special ingredient that’s quite rarely used in cocktails: Clementine juice. (Another really recommendable drink in which Clementine juice is used is the Chocosnaps med Klementin – also another fantastic Christmas drink). The sweetness of the clementines bestow a drink with the typical touch of winter, thus making my Advent at Last cocktail not only aromatically a seasonal affair but also when it comes to the used ingredients (for Clementines are only seasonably available in Germany and many other countries).

The Clementine juice is accompanied by yellow Chartreuse (the green Chartreuse from the Last Word would be too dominant because Clementine juice is significantly less intense than the more tangy and sour lime juice), Saffron Gin (an orange-colored gin flavored with saffron whose flavor profile very well emphasizes the concept of the drink) and also some maraschino (in somewhat reduced proportion compared to the Last Word). Everything is finished by a few drops of the nice spicy and flavorful Plum Bitters from Fee Brothers, which actually cast the final Advent spell over the cocktail.


2 cl Saffron Gin
2 cl Chartreuse Jaune
3 cl Clementine juice
1 cl maraschino
2 Dashes Fee Brothers Plum Bitters

Preparation: Mix all ingredients in your shaker on ice and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds, then strain into your chilled glass.

Glass: Coupette / cocktail glass

Garnish: none

Buying sources: Saffron gin and Chartreuse Jaune may be available in well-stocked supermarket, but for Fee Brothers Plum Bitters you will certainly have to visit a specialized retailer or simply order them online.

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