Scheibel Alte Zeit Apricot Brandy and the Self-Starter Cocktail

Good things come to those who wait! Indeed, this could be the motto of my article today. Because after a few years of blogging, I still haven’t written about a real classic among the bar ingredients: Apricot Brandy. But why is an Apricot Brandy a classic behind the bar and what exactly is it? I would like to get to the bottom of these questions and some others today. And of course I would like to introduce an Apricot Brandy here, which I can call my favourite with a clear conscience. Read More

Freimeisterkollektiv, Rhabarber, Doppelwacholder and the “Four-legged Mule”

Anyone who has spent time in various German bars recently, or at least takes part in the virtual cosmos surrounding bars, cocktails and spirits, will certainly have stumbled upon the term “Freimeisterkollektiv”. For me, it was similar, too, because before I even knew what or who the Freimeisterkollektiv is, I had first seen the term on those iconic, simple and informative bottles of the series for several times. Therefore, it is time to pay a little more attention to the series. Read More

By the Dutch Batavia Arrack White Rum & Batavia Lemon & Rhubarb Punch

There are several types of spirits that have recently managed to emerge from the realm of the largely unknown and have become a household name. Batavia Arrack is certainly one of them. However, Batavia Arrack has not really become a mass phenomenon, but rather still is characterized by a niche existence. That’s why I am all the more happy to be able to write about a new release from By the Dutch here today. Especially because the By the Dutch Batavia Arrack brings back very good memories. Read More

Margarita – my personal approach on the legendary Tequila cocktail

Every now and then I aimlessly skim the history of what I wrote on virtual paper here in the blog during the past – Galumbi – Drinks & More is in its fifth year after all. And then I suddenly realize that I haven’t yet paid special attention to certain classics of cocktail history. Sometimes, this happens completely without intention, but of course I would like to make up for that here successively. With this in mind, today it’s about nothing more and nothing less than the legendary Margarita. Read More

Black Tot Rum – Beet & Cane Alexander

After a relatively stressful, family-centred and health-wise quite fickle Christmas time, I want to ring in the new year 2020 here in the blog today. And I will do that with a bottle of rum that carries a big name: because if you type Black Tot Rum into the most-used search engine of this globe, you will first be greeted by high-priced offers, some of which scratch the 1000 Euro mark. But don’t worry: the rum we are talking about today has nothing to do with this price segment. However, it is called Black Tot Rum, too. So it’s time for some explanatory work. Read More