Tranquil Turtle

Actually, I have little to tell you today, except that I recently mixed a very nice drink, and I’d like to share the recipe with you here. The idea came to me when I watched my little son fall asleep, while the turquoise blue light of a plush turtle that plays ocean sounds filled the room. The turtle is called “Tranquil Turtle” and after the mission “Falling Asleep” was accomplished, I simply created a drink of that name for me. Read More

Tiki Radicale

Today I would like to introduce a drink that is the result of an experiment. Actually, I wanted to experiment a little bit in the Tiki segment – and while on the one hand I was looking for a blueberry themed cocktail, on the other hand I was also eager to use some rather unusual, Italian ingredients. The result is the present, rather crazy cocktail, which is named Tiki Radicale. Read More

Got Milk? – The Milk of Obàtálá

Today I would like to add another recipe. In my last article about the Cherry Blossom Milk Punch I had presented a cocktail from the category of Clairfied Milk Punches for the first time here in the blog and I was absolutely thrilled by the result of this preparation method. And now I want to introduce yet another recipe here which was able to win a lot of praise when I served it to some friends of mine. And it is a recipe that is inspired by an old acquaintance. Read More

Got Milk? – The Cherry Blossom Milk Punch

Despite an intense engagement with cocktails, regular reading in contemporary and historical bar handbooks as well as various online magazines, blogs, etc., there are always things you did not really try to do or simply had no points of contact with. That’s exactly what Clarified Milk Punches were for me. But now I have changed that – and I am very delighted! Read More

Pure Spirits: Citadelle Extrême Gin N° 2 Wild Blossom

And again it’s about gin today and again it’s a French one and also again it’s a Citadelle I’d like to take a closer look onto. However, it’s a gin that I was really excited about. It is certainly a symbol of the friskiness and also progressiveness of a supposedly saturated market, but I am definitely not conservative in this regard, on the contrary: the gin promises to fully meet my taste preferences: Today it’s about the Citadelle Extreme Gin N° 2 Wild Blossom. Read More

Fever Tree Madagascan Cola Review

At several occasions in the past I have hinted that I have a certain penchant for Cola. I’m always saying that with a subtle justifying undertone because Cola does not necessarily enjoy the most prestigious reputation among the classic “fillers” behind the bar. Rather, it is often laughed at as a concession to the choice of the masses or simply seen as a necessary evil for a few cocktail classics. But here I strongly disagree! Read More

Pure Spirits: Citadelle Gin de France & The Snyder Cocktail

Today’s article is once again all about a gin. And it is a gin to which I have a special relationship here in the blog, since it was the first gin I blogged about in the humble beginnings of Galumbi – Drinks & More. Well, that’s not entirely true because I wrote about the Citadelle Reserve Gin back then, while today it’s about the unmatured Citadelle Gin, but still this gin is special for me. But is it also able to convince even beyond personal nostalgia in the tasting? Read More

Brandy Blazer

Admittedly, the cocktail I’d like to present today would have been the ideal topic for a Christmas related article, but usually I do not connect my articles strictly to certain occasions in the calendar. Well, since the real winter is just around the corner, this cocktail fits into this season nonetheless. It is a perfectly warming, pleasant-spicy taste experience, which inspires me every time I make it. Read More