Last Word

Last Word

Today’s drink certainly does not need great words of introduction, because who is interested in cocktails and mixed drinks will have at least heard of this great recipe. Hence this is the reason for writing a few lines about the Last Word anyway, not only because it has played a fundamental role in my own experiences with the cocktail matter, but also because it is simply a great drink to enjoy. Read More

Ti’ Punch

Ti' Punch

Caribbean cocktails! Of course some some famous names instantly come to mind and in fact there are many cocktails of world fame out there which originated in the Caribbean. Whether you demand a mojito, a Daiquiri or a Caipirinha – in almost every bar they will more or less know what you want and will serve you the corresponding drink; in whatever quality. But who knows right away what a Ti’ Punch is? Read More


Mulata - 1

“My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita” – this quote came to world fame and with it also the designated bars in pre-revolutionary Havana. Even today Ernest Hemingway sits in form of a bronze statue at the bar of El Floridita in Havana, drinking his Daiquiri. But today’s article is about a little brother of the daiquiri. Read More

Vieux Carré

Vieux Carré

If there is a city on this planet which has played a key part in the history and culture of cocktails it is clearly the city of New Orleans. Not only has it been the birthplace of Americas supposedly first cocktail in history, the Sazerac (which is nowadays the official cocktail of the city), also numerous other classics originated in this city in the south of the US. Everyone who knows New Orleans will easily recognize by the name of today’s cocktail: it is another innovation from “The Big Easy”. Read More


Bishop (2 von 2)

A few days ago I was asked in the comments section about the use of certain ingredients that are usually not entirely consumed while preparing a specific cocktail. In connection with the Seelbach Cocktail I had written some words regarding champagne which often is an example for that. Another alcoholic beverage, which a lot of people won’t drink entirely on one evening and which may well also find use in cocktails, is wine. Especially red wine. Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Moriau Oude Geuze

Moriau Oude Geuze

The Craft Beer wave is characterized by many renowned brewing styles with an ever growing popularity. These certainly include first and foremost the Pale Ales and India Pale Ales, but also Stouts, Trappist beers and Lagers. Yet, the acidic Lambics and Geuzes are constituting only a very small niche. But it’s especially this sour style of beer I did acquire a taste for in the last weeks and months. Read More



There is a cocktail category which I do approach only on special occasions (when I have enough guests), because it is simply quite impractical for home use, although these drinks are a mainstay in the history of the bar.  I’m talking about sparkling wine or champagne cocktails. The cost-benefit ratio for home use is definitely not very good. But you can cheat a little. Read More

Cuba Libre with Fentimans Curiosity Cola

Fentimans Cuba Libre

Soft drinks do play an essential role behind the bar, one that is not to be underestimated. Especially in the segment of long drinks and Highballs they often have the status of supporting or main actors in the recipes. Lately a real wave of new, creative variations of Tonics appeared on the market, thus expending the product range. But what about the classical Cola? Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Noir de Dottignies

Noir De Dottignies

A dark beer of course doesn’t always have to be a Stout or Porter in order to convince me. Even though I tend to prefer especially those two styles of beer, there are also other styles that really caught me. Lately – I would not have thought it would ever happen – I also started to find some pleasure drinking selected IPAs, the epitomes of the craft beer movement. But today we’re not dealing with a hop monster but with a Belgian Dark Ale: The sonorous Noir de Dottignies. Read More