Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule in a copper mug

In Germany the huge development in the bar and drinking culture of the recent year has taken place in a little different way. Although there have been some internationally established bars with bartenders who thoroughly understood their craft long before, Germany has never been a comparable competitive power to metropolises especially from the Anglo-Saxon hemisphere.  A drink that is quite emblematic for a slight change of that is the Moscow Mule. Read More

Añejo Highball

Añejo Highball

Although the summer is irrefutably gone, today’s article is once more about a Caribbean drink. In the Caribbean people have a little bit more luck with the seasons and can certainly easily enjoy a refreshing cocktail in October. Maybe it will help a little if you close your eyes for a while when having the first sip of today’s cocktail… Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Braufactum Roog

Braufactum Roog

To Lovers of smoky whisky the procedure of smoking malt will be quite familiar: malted grain (usually barley) is kilned over fire and the phenols in the smoke add a strong, smoky flavor to the grain, which can vary between mild and very strong. What might not be familiar to everybody: this procedure is also used when making some kinds of beer. Moreover, it has long been something of a standard in the brewing process. Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Gulpener Dort

Gulpener Dortmunder Bier

The present days are a little bit more influenced by thoughts on different craft beers, which have to do with my plan to visit some friends in Berlin very soon where we plan to spend some time trying new brands, talking about the matter and visit some special places being famous for their supply of different beers. Berlin offers a lot of opportunities in comparison with the Ruhr Area that I will try to make the best of. Nevertheless, today I want to carry the regional flag. Read More