Le Gin de Christian Drouin Calvados Cask Finish & Chuchotement

The name Christian Drouin should be familiar in particular to lovers of the French apple brandy Calvados. In Normandy in the Département of Calvados, the Drouin family produces the famous apple brandy in third generation in its distillery, which is located fairly centrally between the two larger cities of Rouen and Caen, somewhat southwest of Honfleur. While Christian Drouin senior founded the business and Christian Drouin junior continued it and internationalized it, in 2004 Guillaume Drouin also joined the business, which he has also managed since 2013. Read More

Scheibel Premium Williams, Schlehe, Mirabell & three eau-de-vie-cocktails

After a small summer break, its time to start blogging today – so to speak, Galumbi – Drinks & More starts into the next season. And while most people probably think of football when they hear the word “season”, different types of fruit are also in season, of course, which brings us (more or less) elegantly to the heart of today’s topic: It is about eau-de-vies respectively Brände and Geiste (in German). More precisely: about two premium Brände and a premium Geist from the house Scheibel. Read More