I have to confess: a few years ago rum has not only been a book of seven seals to me, I did also commonly announce not to like rum at all. But this was not only unfair, it was much too hasty and naive because I simply had no clue about rum. Instead I did associate rum with an industrial aroma that often is used inside of sweets, such as in the “Ritter Sport Rum Trauben Nuss” chocolate. Read More

Pure Spirits: The Gins from Eden Mill

Eden Mill Gin

Spirits and the countryside of Scotland seem to have a close relationship. Most people will certainly think of whisky, the many neat distilleries covering the picturesque landscape of the country, barley fields and clear rivers. But of course many connoisseurs know that Scotland has more to offer than just the “water of life”. Above all I’m thinking of the trendy spirit of our day: gin. Read More



The “Goldene Bar” in the Bavarian capital of Munich is a well-known place among German bar enthusiasts and night owls alike. Unfortunately I wasn’t personally able to go there and assure myself of the atmosphere and the mixed drinks in Klaus St. Rainers renowned drinking place, but since I rarely travel the Bavarian capital due to the distance I simply did not have the chance yet. But nevertheless every now and then I do write about one of the awesome drinks invented by Klaus St. Rainer. And that’s what I’ll do today. Although today’s cocktail is more of a reinterpretation of a famous classic. Read More

Scotlate Whisky Chocolate, Talisker 10 & Glendronach 12


Today is a special day, because this article is kind of a premiere. Never before have I devoted myself to an article about a tasting of chocolate. But second glance this is not as wondrous as it may seem. It is not that I have changed my genre or that I would be up to expand my topics to chocolate, no, today’s chocolate goes hand in hand with two beautiful, classic Scotch Single Malt Whiskys. Not only because the chocolate is a good companion for those whiskys, there is also another reason. Read More

Sloe Gin Silver Fizz & VOR Icelandic Sloe Style Gin

Sloe Gin Silver Fizz

Sloe Gin still lives in the shadow of its big namesake and although its reputation has increased in recent years, a lot of people still don’t know much about it. To be precise, Sloe Gin bears its name rather for historical reasons because it was actually made on the basis of gin in earlier days. Today this is not always the case and also no legal requirement. Read More

Richmond Gimlet

Richmond gimlet

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is a very familiar name to many friends of cocktail and bar culture. The bartender and cocktail blogger regularly writes about anecdotes from the cocktail-universe that are worth reading and also serves very interesting recipes for new creations every now and then. Although the current cocktail is no longer “brand-new” it is definitely a great contribution to my personal recipe booklet! Read More

Pure Spirits: Hoos London Gin

Hoos London Gin

The German city of Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg is well-known in the context of German politics because it’s the seat of the highest German court, the „Bundesverfassungsgericht“. Therefore most people will know the name from the daily news. But of course Karlsruhe has more to offer. Besides historical attractions such as the Karlsruher Schloss or the Schwedenpalais there is also a new but very promising gin. Which is of course the reason for me to write these opening words. Read More

Rob Roy & Floki Icelandic Young Malt

Floki Rob Roy

So the journey of the Icelandic Vikings at the European Championship in France is unfortunately over. Nevertheless, what this small nation has achieved in terms of football in this year is really more than honorable. But not only in footballing terms is Iceland an emerging, small country. Even when it comes to spirits, the Icelandic nation is heading towards the future as a serious competitor on the market. Read More