Burgen Gin & “Smooth & Green”

Just this morning I once again came across another written swan song on gin in the social networks. The fact that this kind of predictions still lead to discussions at all, surprises me a lot to be honest. Such prognoses seem to have become an undying echo, which is permanently there since years. Like a background noise that doesn’t stand out any more. (provided test product)* Read More

Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum & Trelawny Negroni

It has been a little more than two weeks since I wrote about the Veritas White Blended Rum from Habitation Velier. In the course of this article, I dealt with the common but more or less hidden practice of maturing white rums and finally was able to convince myself of the “truth” of the Veritas rum. In addition, anyone who has read the article will know that I was really enthusiastic about this rum. Now, my expectations are very high again, because the bottle I have in front of me today also comes from the Hampden Distillery. Read More

Sierra Milenario Fumado Tequila & Teatime with Imix

Even though there are many different changes, which the bar world has undergone during the last few years, one of them is certainly the rise of the Mexican spirits Tequila and Mezcal. Admittedly, the reality in Germany and most other European countries is far from being the same as in the USA and it is also far behind the ever-present prophecies predicting both spirits a shining bright future, but at least the name Mezcal has become known to more and more people. Read More

Benguela Diamonds Gin & Corpse Reviver #2

The international spirits market has changed a lot during the last decades. Of course, people also have enjoyed drinking spirits in the past and thus have generated a solid demand for it, but it is the premium segment in particular that is changing into an increasingly important part of the market. There are premium spirits springing up like mushrooms in every nook and cranny and the enthusiasm of the people seems to be unbroken. Last but not least, this blog is also an example of the described development. And when I think of spirits that are sprouting from the ground, I almost automatically think of gin. Read More

La Escondida Mezcal & The “Descubrimiento”

La Escondida: the hidden or the concealed – that’s a name for a spirit that makes you curious to know more! In addition, the very appealing label of this bottle does its part: there is a mermaid whose face is strongly reminiscent of the aesthetics of Día de Muertos: with one hand in her hip, she holds a copita full of Mezcal in the outstretched other. Read More

Plantation Peru Multi Vintage & The Peruvian Sundew

Rum is considered by many to be the most global of all spirits. And this is certainly not a pie in the sky, but the result of lacking or hardly existing regulations on a supranational level. Of course, many states have their own legislation on rum production and there are also supranational regulations such as the European Union’s classification framework. However, there is no real regional limitation, while sugar cane is growing not only in the Caribbean. Read More

Veritas White Blended Rum & Jabon Candado

Anyone who enters the world of quality spirits will inevitably be exposed to some basic information very soon. For example, the difference between matured and unmatured spirits (often simply described as white and brown spirits). Of course, this is especially true for the types of spirits that are widely available in both qualities: matured and unmatured. And among these distillates, rum is by far the largest and best known. In this context, it might surprise some people that the term “unmatured” is not correct in most cases. Read More