Pure Spirits: The Mulassano Vermouths, a Martini and two Negronis

Although I have always planned to do so, I actually never took my time to write about vermouth. I’m feeling a little bit ashamed since it is such an elemental ingredient behind every bar and there are only few things that are so closely interwoven with the history of cocktails as vermouth. To this extent, it is almost impossible to provide a comprehensive or even encyclopedic treatise on that subject. Anyway I’m writing today’s article that is mainly about three special vermouths but also about vermouth itself. Read More

Pure Spirits: Thousand Mountains Mc Raven Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky has developed quite rapidly over the past few decades – from a product that has always had a very fanatic but rather small community of connoisseurs into a product with a large and global fan base. And Scotch Single Malt Whisky has always been the center of attention. And although Scotch Single Malt Whisky wasn’t my first love, it was my first really big one. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation Original Dark & Knickerbocker Cocktail

In a sense, today’s rum was already subject to one of the articles here one the blog in the past. However, that did not happen directly. Anyone who will perhaps remember my article on the Plantation Pineapple Stiggins’ Fancy Original Dark might have noticed the word “Original Dark” in connection with the brand name Plantation. And at least the Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum looks quite similar, doesn’t it? Read More

Pure Spirits: Clément Créole Shrubb & Spiced Martinique Coffee

Today it’s once again about a very interesting product from the French overseas department of Martinique. It has a certain affiliation with Curacao (such as Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao), but is ultimately different. And if you think you already know what a Shrubb is, you may only be partially correct. Read More

The Darkening Sun of Oaxaca

Without any doubt: some drinks are more eye-catching than others and are therefore also more frequently asked for. Of course this always depends on the image of the epitome of a cocktail that you have in your own mind. For many people it is still the colorful and opulent glass with all sorts of decorative elements. Well, today’s cocktail is certainly a compromise here because on the one hand it comes with only a small garnish (apart from the head of Espuma), but on the other hand it is nevertheless a real eye-catcher. And it tastes absolutely awesome. Read More

Isle of Harris Gin

When blogging about spirits, cocktails and bar things you have to deal with different bottles on an almost daily basis. Some of these bottles are more appealing, others are less. Usually you can see what ambition the creators of a certain spirit put into the design of the bottle in order to create a special flair. Occasionally I do mention in my articles when there is a bottle that I really like. But the bottle of today’s gin has impressed me even more and I would not hesitate to call it a masterpiece in terms of shape and design. But I am not the only one. Read More

Umeshu Cocktail

Since yesterday’s article made some waves because of the close proximity of the product to a gin of the German global discount supermarket chain “Lidl” (much criticized for being a cheap imitation product), today I feel almost obligated to state once again that I am of course not a fan of discounter products or even want to propagate the sell-off of artisanal premium spirits. However, such products represent a very attractive alternative (due to their prices, of course) for a very large number of people and so I think it is legitimate to review them. However, today’s cocktail shows that it also can be different when it comes to money. Read More

Pure Spirits: Needle Blackforest Dry Gin

Recently I received a small package containing a bottle of gin. As I curiously opened the package I found out that it was another gin from the Black Forest, where German gins seem to spring up like mushrooms. And, of course, also this gin has a „special feature“ in the form of a certain unique “botanical”. And since the gin is called Needle Blackforest Gin, the botanical I’m talking about as an eponymous one: Read More


If you are dealing with cocktails on a regular basis, especially with Sours and Tiki drinks, you will inevitably come across a certain group of fruit varieties or fruit juices. One or two of the usual suspects are always involved. A fruit variety, that is however hardly known to many people (and can also very rarely be found in the supermarket) is the common medlar (the German word is “Mispel”). Read More

Clover Club

It was back in the year of 2013 when the German Mixology magazine titled “Pink drinks for gentlemen” in an article (only in German language) about today’s cocktail. And while I usually refuse categorizations such as “women’s” or “men’s cocktails” in my articles, I must admit that this headline was not chosen without reason when it comes to the Clover Club Cocktail. The cocktail itself is nonetheless an extraordinary good drink that can be made even better with a small trick. Read More