Elderflower Fizz & Elderflower Tonic Espuma

Elderflower Fizz

The history of cocktails cannot be told without Fizzes. Basically, they are nothing else than soda infused Sours usually served – unlike the closely related Collins – without ice. In some cases a Fizz is also a little closer to the classic short drink than a Collins. But a real set definition can hardly be found due to the many exceptions. Today’s drink is yet another example. Read More

Fräulein Elster

Fräulein Elster

Recently I have introduced an interesting drink made with the Mystic Mango Lemonade by Thomas Henry: The Burning Thunder. Since I personally like the taste of mangoes very much, I have in principle an open mind about Highballs made with mango lemonade. Cocktail purists and nostalgics may be irritated and who has devoted her- or himself solely to the Prohibtion style will certainly answer with a shake of the head, but then….who cares? Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout

It won’t certainly surprise the most of you that there is big community of tradition-obsessed people in England. Nor that this extends also to the craft of brewing beers. But how far this traditional thinking can lead may do surprise you, at least in the case of today’s beer. It comes from a brewery which is kind of a prime example for traditional English attitudes. Read More

Burning Thunder

Burning Thunder

Rhum Agricole as a cocktail ingredient is unfortunately very often overshadowed by its mighty relative. The most prominent exception is – of course – the Ti’ Punch, about which I have already written a small article. Its harsh, sometimes greenish and nutty flavor notes offer a very interesting component for use in various recipes. A really recommendable one I have recently discovered. Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Timmermans Oude Gueuze

Timmermans Oude Geuze

Authentic Lambic beers are special in several ways. They are produced only in a radius of 15 kilometers around the Belgian capital of Brussels, are neither top- nor bottom-fermented and they screw up most people’s face during first contact. Unfortunately, many beer drinkers label Lambic or Geuze beers as “not my thing” afterwards. A reaction I consider to be hasty! Read More

From the Brew Kettle: Original Pfefferkörner White

Pfefferkörner White

In my article about the Freigeist Geisterzug Rhubarb Gose I’ve written a few words about Freigeist Bierkultur by Sebastian Sauer from the German city of Aachen, who has aroused some attention in the craft beer community. In cooperation with various breweries traditional and innovative styles of beer are brewed which are especially high rated and demanded in the craft beer community in the United States. The name Freigeist Bierkultur is in fact perhaps the best known flagship of German craft beer in the USA. Read More

Jerez Old Fashioned & Passionfruit-Espuma

Jerez Old Fashioned & Passionfruit-Espuma

So after a few days of abstinence and of recovering from New Year’s Eve it’s time to welcome the first Saturday of the new year 2016 with a nice little drink. For this occasion I have chosen a very special cocktail, which skillfully combines old and new and therefore ideally suits the occasion. It is a drink with the sonorous, somewhat bulky but nonetheless programmatic name “Jerez Old Fashioned & Passionfruit-Espuma”. Read More