Mezcal Passion

Mezcal Passion

The Mezcal Passion really is an outstanding drink! It simply has an astonishing complexity of flavours that explode on the tongue: smoky Mezcal, hot & spicy ginger, fresh cucumber and the tangy sourness of the lime. All accompanied by nice sweetness and hot chili. I guess there’s a taste for everyone in this drink!

Because I found the recipe on the net I will publish the recipy in ounces (oz) – so good news for all of you based in the U.S.. If you do not own a jigger that works with ounces I can only recommend buying one or two. They are cheap and save you a lot of time converting units. Sometimes converting also distorts the final outcome so another reason for having jiggers both in ounces in centiliters.


1 ½ oz of smoky Mezcal
¾ oz fresh lime juice
¾ oz passion fruit puree (alternatively passion fruit juice)
3 Slices of cucumber
1 Barspoon of agave syrup (in Germany they are available in most health shops)
1 oz Ginger Beer

Dried chili flakes for garnish


Muddle the cucumber slices in the shaker and add all the ingredients except the ginger beer. Shake vigorously and add the ginger beer afterwards. Give it a quick stir (do not shake anymore!) and strain it into a chilled glass. Sprinkle some chili flakes on top of it!

Glass: Martini or Coupette

Garnish: a slice of cucumber and ground chili


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