Bistecca Amalfitana

Bistecca Amalfitana (1 von 2)

Actually Bistecca Amalfitana is nothing more but a Rump steak with a lemon based „Gremolata“: an Italian mixture of herbs similar to a salsa.

The recipe is absolutely simple and plain. You just have to fry a Rump steak initially rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper in a heavy pan.

Bistecca Amalfitana (2 von 2)

Ingredients (for 2 persons):

2 Rump steaks (or “Sirloin Steaks”)
1 Bunch of parsley
1-2 fresh red chilis
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 Lemon
Salt & Pepper


First you have to rub the meat with oil, salt and pepper. Then fry it in a heavy pan on a high heat from both sides. This takes about a minute for every side. Lower the heat to a medium flame and fry until done (depending on your taste medium, medium rare whatsoever…);  it depends on various factors how long this will take. In this nice and interesting Video Jamie Oliver explains some basics. Besides this there are myriads of other informational videos for this topic on the net.

For the gremolata you just have to mince the parsley and mix it with the finely chopped chili and garlic. Give some lugs of olive oil to the mixture and put the juice and the grated lemon zest inside. While the meat is frying take a cooking brush and continuously coat the meat with the gremolata. Serve the Bistecca Amalfitana cut into stripes and sprinkle additional Gremolata on top.

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