Glaced Christmas Skewers

France Spieße 2 (1 von 1)

To be precise we see some grilled rosemary bread- and walnut-goat cheese-filled prune skewers on thyme twigs, glazed with apricot jam. The original recipe I’ve borrowed from Jamie Oliver and modified it a bit. They are the ideal snack to a winters evening in a cozy atmosphere. Have a good red wine alongside and squeeze the maximum out of winter time!

France Spieße (1 von 1)


1 French white bread
12 prunes
approx. 50g of goat cream cheese
12 walnut halves
6-8 Strips of Bacon or Pancetta
apricot jam
a few twigs of fresh Thyme
a few twigs of fresh rosemary
4 bay leaves
olive oil

4-6 wooden skewers

Water the skewers approx. 30 minutes before grilling them. Preheat the Oven grill.

At first cut the bread into pieces and prick some rosemary twigs inside the bread. Carefully cut the prunes without separating them (so you get something like a small pocket inside the prunes. Fill them with goat cream cheese and walnut halves. Then wrap them with the bacon. Now wrap the skewers lengthways with the thyme and stick bread pieces and prunes in an alternating order onto the skewers.

Jamie Oliver uses rosemary twigs as skewers but do not trust the stability of this “construction”. That’s the reason for sticking the rosemary inside the bread.

Now sprinkle the skewers with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Afterwards brush them with apricot jam and roast them under the oven grill. Depending on your oven it takes different amounts of time, so keep an eye on the skewers so they do not burn. You can interrupt the roasting process to brush additional jam on the skewers.

Before serving, sprinkle with a little additional olive oil.

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