Today I’d like to present a very interesting herbal and spicy drink with exotic tones: the Galliajito. As you can see in the name of the cocktail it uses Galliano L’Autentico as a. Although this Highball Cocktail might really go well with a spicy hot curry, it also cuts a fine figure on its own.

The Galliajito was invented by Agostino Perrone, the Bartender of the London Connaught hotel bar. The Italian-born bartender relies fully on the herbaceous notes of anise in the famous Italian liqueur. In combination with mint, lime, rum – not for nothing the whole thing sounds a bit like “Mojito” – as well as exotic ginger, the result is significantly more intense in taste than the namesake. Although you will find hints of the Cuban classic as well, it is enriched by ginger sharpness and especially the complexity of the 30 “Botanicals” that Galliano is made of.


2.5 cl Galliano L’Autentico

2.5 cl golden rum

1 small piece of ginger

2 barspoons of sugar syrup

1.5 cl lime juice

A small handful of fresh mint

Soda water


Muddle the ginger vigorously within the precooled glass. Then clap the mint between your hands your hands and put in the glass. Add the remaining ingredients except soda water and fill up the glass with crushed ice. Stir until the glass fogs from the outside because of the cold. At last fill with soda and garnish with a twig of mint.

Glass: Highball

Garnish: twig of mint

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