Siglo Cero Pox and the Pox Negroni

Today it is all about liquid Mayan medicine! Yes, you’ve read correctly, we are dealing with a very unusual distillate from Mexico, which means as much “medicine”. We are talking about Pox (spoken: Posh), a schnapps from Mexico distilled from yellow, red, black and white corn, wheat and sugar cane. In fact, I had never heard of such a distillate before writing this review – and I’m certainly not alone in this. Read More

Scheibel Premium Plus Ingwer Royal – Gingergold & White Ginger Negroni

Ginger spirits are not necessarily at the top of a typical bar repertoire list. Nevertheless, you will come across recipes that call for them from time to time. Especially the King’s Ginger, produced by Berry Bros. & Rudd, has been the supposedly most common ginger-based liqueur for many years. Ultimately, however, there are not only liqueurs, but also ginger eau-de-vies or – in the broadest sense – ginger spirits, which all differ from each other. And today I would like to take a closer look at a very interesting ginger spirit from Scheibel, which is limited to 2000 bottles. Read More

Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur & Trinidad Cocktail

Coffee liqueurs are indeed a real phenomenon (for me personally, they are in fact a phenomenon in multiple ways)! In general, it must be stated that they have become a permanent element behind every bar and hardly anyone who really wants to build up a serious stock of bar ingredients can avoid a coffee liqueur. Considering this fact, it is even more astonishing that usually only a few brands are mentioned in this context, especially Kahlua from Mexico, which is probably best known for its part in a White Russian. However, the world has also long since started moving in the coffee liqueur segment. Read More

Ginraw Barcelona Gastronomic Gin & Maretini

Just recently, I started an article about a bottle of gin with some thoughts about bottle designs. And actually this seemed quite natural considering the really nice outward appearance of the Lind & Lime Gin. However, also today I could start my article with very similar words, because once again I have a gin bottle in front of me that stands out without any doubt. In view of the really large and competitive gin market, which is entered by new bottlings on an almost daily basis, the design, which has always been not insignificant from a salesman’s point of view, seems to gain even more importance. Read More

Mezcal Local – Wake me up, and then sacrifice me to Quetzalcoatl!

So, once again it is time for Mezcal! Well, and that makes me especially happy in the case of today’s bottle, because we are dealing with a special one about which I have already heard lots of good things. To what extent this premature praise is actually true and whether I can join in the hymn after the tasting remains to be seen, of course. However, on paper, at least some things are already really cool. Read More

J.M Rhum XO & Rhum Old Fashioned

Today it is once again about a Rhum Agricole. In the past I have already written about Rhums from J.M. here in the blog. In the course of these articles, I have reviewed the Rhum JM 50° and used it in a sour with white asparagus, which sometimes causes some irritation. Furthermore, the Shrubb J.M Liqueur d’Orange was also put to the test here. Today, however, it is about a matured representative of the series: The J.M Rhum XO. Read More

Lind & Lime Gin – The Way to Paradise

As an author of booze reviews, you’re naturally striving for a certain objectivity. Although I hope that it is not necessary to point out the impossibility of achieving such a complete objectivity at this point, it still remains in view somewhere as a shining beacon of how things should ideally be. Okay, this may sound a little bit more dramatic than intended, but actually I just want to emphasize that I don’t let myself easily be blinded by outer appearances. Well, I have to admit, today it was not really easy for me! Read More

The Rear Cocktail – a medium drink made with rye whiskey and “Speckbirne”

Today, the main focus will be on a special drink that was the result of some thought experiments around the pears. I really wanted to make a drink with bourbon or rye whiskey and a pear distillate and here I also had some ginger in mind. How exactly I would create this drink was not quite clear to me at first. My initial thoughts have been about a kind of sour cocktail, whereas I find sours in principle rather simple and personally prefer drinks that consist exclusively of alcoholic ingredients (granted, a source of sweetness like in an Old Fashioned may also be part of it). So I thought a little bit further. Read More

Dover Azuki Liqueur & Aka-Murasaki

If you have ever travelled to the Far East, you will probably not have been able to avoid contact with the sweet, red bean paste found in countless desserts and pastries. The name azuki bean paste is somewhat less common, even though it is actually the correct name for the sweet called dousha in China and An, Anko or Ogura in Japan. Because the basis of the paste is the so-called azuki bean (sometimes adzuki bean). And it is precisely this bean that is the decisive ingredient for the liqueur that is the focus of attention today. Read More

G’Vine Nouaison Gin & The Improved Jockey Club Cocktail

After a short holiday-summer break here on the blog, today I will continue with a bottle of gin, to which I have a very special relationship. This is because at numerous gin tastings that I have moderated in the past, I have put this gin at the end of the tasting series (or at least almost at the end). Why did I do that? Well, the G’Vine Nouaison Gin has been on the market for quite some time (2001) (albeit in a different design) and for me it symbolizes the breadth of the gin taste palette – and it did this even before the big wave of New Western Dry Gins flooded the world. Read More

Perola turns 10 – and celebrates this with two exciting rums

Ten years ago, Arno Schmid-Egger and his then co-founder Joachim Klein founded the Perola GmbH. Initially, the company focused solely on Magnífica Cachaça, but eventually expanded its range of products and is now one of the established distributors and traders of spirits in the German-speaking world. My esteemed blogger colleague Johann Trasch from worked for the Fürth-based distribution company and also I have worked with Perola in the past, writing about some of their products, as well as tasting and mixing them. Read More

Samurai No Mon Shōchū & The Shimazu Highball

Today I am happy to be able to once again write about Japanese Shōchū. Already in March this year I published an article about a representative of this category of spirits and reviewed the Sato No Akebono Gold Shōchū, which I liked very much. In a Negroni, it is truly a poem! However, while the Sato No Akebono Gold is a sugar cane-Shōchū, today I am dealing with a Shōchū made of sweet potatoes. But that is by far not the only special thing! Read More

Monkey Shoulder & The Laughing Monkey

Today’s article is one that is both long overdue and full of special anticipation. Because when I first held the beautifully shaped bottle with the three monkeys in my hands many years ago, I was directly in love with the design. I’ve always had a weakness for monkeys (it’s no coincidence that the blog mascot is a little monkey) and so I liked the Monkey Shoulder from the start. But well, design alone is not everything (on the contrary), it depends on the content. Read More

Plantation Isle of Fiji & the Bula Bula Cocktail

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about a rum from Fiji here. I really liked the Plantation Vintage Edition Fiji 2009 very much and since then I have been absolutely positive about rums from the Pacific island state. Later I also reviewed the Plantation Black Cask Barbados & Fiji, which is at least partly based on Fiji rum from the South Pacific Distillery. Here, too, I was very positively impressed. And today I have a new Fiji-Rum from the Plantation series in front of me. Read More

Berlin Distillery Gin

After a break of almost two weeks I am finally back with another article. It’s quite possible that in other times I would have used a two-week break to visit the German capital, because I have to admit that I really have a soft spot for Berlin! – This may sound rather facile because some people might wonder who doesn’t like Berlin (actually quite a lot of people do), but basically I just want to express that I like the city best among the big German bar scene metropoles. However, this has only little to do with the bar scene, but rather with the history of the city, the free spirit of Berlin, the unique, multicultural (gastronomy) – and somewhere of course also with the possibilities of upscale drinking pleasures that the city offers. Read More

Vallendar Obstbrände & Obstgeiste (Eau-de-Vies)

When people talk about the German tradition of distilling spirits, the first thing you will hear about is the art of distilling fruit, which is the historically grown foundation of that craft throughout the country. Although countless fruit distillers have long since expanded their traditional profession and now also produce gin, whisky and co. on their own or as commissioned work, in the end it is of course the fruit brandy respectively eau-de-vie production that forms the heart of the German distillery landscape. And the Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar is one of those distilleries. Read More

Happy Chartreuse Day!

“Chartreuse is an herbal liqueur from the Grande Chartreuse!” – This was indeed the first sentence I encountered many years ago when I first came into contact with the liqueur from the green or yellow labelled bottle. It was uttered by a friend who had quickly researched what exactly this spirit was – and thereby left a big question mark. Although I am not a culturally uninterested person, one might  forgive me for not immediately making sense of the term “Grande Chartreuse” at that time. Read More

Château de Laubade Signature & Intemporel Hors d’Âge – The Armagnac Addington

Cognac sometimes is seen as an old man’s drink, which is probably mainly a consequence of the shadow that the growing enthusiasm for whisky has cast over the French spirit genus since many years. Although we are familiar with the adventurously expensive prestige bottles that are often displayed in duty-free shops at airports, outside of France, apart from a small clientele, at times perhaps it have been older people indeed who were interested in cognac. Although this has changed somewhat in the meantime, cognac has always been a classic ingredient behind the bar – albeit one that only regained its reputation during the cocktail renaissance. Read More

Freimeisterkollektiv Zitronenverbene, Freimeisterkollektiv Wodka Sangaste & the Cold Drip Lemon Verbena Negroni

Today I would like to once again review two bottles from the range of the Freimeisterkollektiv here. The Freimeisterkollektiv Wodka Sangaste by Sven Ivanov and the Freimeisterkollektiv Zitronenverbene (Geist) by Georg Hiebl (Zitronenverbene means lemon verbena in German). And, of course, there is still an exciting cocktail waiting for you, which today is made using the cold drip method. Read More

Foursquare Plenipotenziario

When I first started to devote myself to rum, today’s common awareness of the different styles, the addition of sugar, glycerine or vanillin, which is unfortunately practiced by many manufacturers, was not raised at all. My first orientation in the rum world at that time was still a division into the so-called Spanish, French and British rum style, as you can still find it in some rum literature today. Although this classification is not necessarily completely absurd, it is now also considered outdated and not very meaningful. A distillery with which I connect a real aha- respectively awakening experience is the Foursquare Distillery from the island state of Barbados. Read More

Sweyn Gabelbart Passion Gin & The Passion of Heyerdahl

What do Vikings, gin and passion fruit have in common? Nothing? Well, at least they have managed to come together in a very daring marketing story around a gin that I want to review here today. In fact, I have involuntarily wrinkled my forehead a few times while reading the background story, because I find the narrative around this bottle really odd – and I have already read a few marketing stories about spirits and have also briefly reviewed them here. However, things are the way they are. In the end, what counts for me anyway is what is contained in the bottle and how it performs in the tasting. But one thing at a time. Read More

Acqua Bianca & the White Grasshopper

For those familiar with the bar world, Salvatore Calabrese probably doesn’t need to be introduced. But if the name doesn’t mean anything to you, I will offer you a few lines about Mr. Calabrese: The man originally comes from the Italian Amalfi Coast and is meanwhile usually referred to as “The Maestro”. He gained particular fame as the bartender of London’s Duke’s Hotel, where he mainly dealt with old cognacs. He was president of the United Kingdom Bartender’s Guild, is frequently appointed to the jury of cocktail competitions and works as a consultant for numerous spirits companies. In short: the man is a heavyweight in the cocktail world. Read More

Calvados Coquerel Limited Editions, Big Apple and the Newark Cocktail

I recently wrote a few lines about Calvados from Maison Coquerel and in the course of this article I also reviewed the Calvados Coquerel VSOP and the Calvados Coquerel XO. Of course I also described two cocktails, the Princess Pride and a slightly upgraded Calvados Sour, which really are an excellent way to enjoy Calvados in a cocktail. Today I will once again talk about Calvados from Maison Coquerel, about three special bottlings to be precise, each with very interesting profiles. Read More

Freimeisterkollektiv RYE Straight Rye Whiskey – Rye & Coffee Manhattan

Once again I would like to take a closer look at a bottle from the Freimeisterkollektiv (which I have already written about here) – the RYE Straight Rye Whiskey to be precise. I was particularly curious about this one, as it was ultimately designed and produced by none other than Rüdiger Sasse, with whose products I, as a Westphalian, have often come into contact. Last but not least, I recently published an article about the really fantastic Lagerkorn 12 here. Read More

Sato No Akebono Gold, Shōchū Negroni & Amami Breeze

Shōchū – unfortunately the genuine Japanese spirit is still quite underrepresented outside of the land of the rising sun, yet it is such a traditional, multi-layered and exciting spirit! In this respect, I am really happy to be able to write about a Shōchū again after some time. Moreover, today it is about a very special and recently awarded representative of its kind! Read More