Pure Spirits: Hoos London Gin

Hoos London Gin

The German city of Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg is well-known in the context of German politics because it’s the seat of the highest German court, the „Bundesverfassungsgericht“. Therefore most people will know the name from the daily news. But of course Karlsruhe has more to offer. Besides historical attractions such as the Karlsruher Schloss or the Schwedenpalais there is also a new but very promising gin. Which is of course the reason for me to write these opening words.

I’m talking about the Hoos London Gin that is produced in Karlsruhe by a one-man entrepreneur named Heiko Hoos. It is a gin which definitely arouses attention in several respects. It was awarded a silver medal at the International Spirits Competition in 2015 and also won the price for the best innovative new release of the year 2014/2015 at the Cocktail Spirits in Paris. In addition, there is a remarkably low price which stands out in a positive way from the flood of highly prized new gins on the market. With about 25 euros for a 0.5 liter bottle it is still not the bargain of all times, but in comparison it’s nonetheless a good argument.

Hoos London Gin

The Hoos London Gin is based on the tradition of the London Dry Gins. Heiko Hoos uses quite interesting botanicals in his gin without getting to bumptious, for example (besides juniper, of course) chamomile, pine sprouts, cardamom, marjoram and sweet fennel. The Hoos London gin is made with spring water from the Palatinate Forest and completely refrains from the addition of sugar (which is actually allowed in small amounts when distilling gin, depending on the type of gin). The small distillery usually produces only a few bottles per distillation process. More detailed information about the corresponding bottle can be found on its backside. With its 44% vol. Alcohol the Hoos London Gin is also pretty decent and therefore promises to be an interesting tasting experience.

Hoos London Gin

Tasting notes:

Aroma: On the nose the Hoos London Gin actually starts with a fresh welcome message of juniper and citrus peel with a little pepper and a hint of anise in the background. Some reviews also speak of cranberries, but I can’t find them by no stretch of the imagination.

Taste: On the palate the nosing impressions are confirmed. The Hoos London Gin offers a fresh and tart juniper taste which then unfolds some anise framed by complex citrus tones. Inside of a Gin & Tonic this one definitely works well because it does not overpower the taste buds with all too fancy impressions but combines elegantly with the bitter sweetness of tonics. Extra dry tonics are a good choice according to my opinion because they underline the unsweetened and genuine characteristics of Hoos London Gin to best advantage.

Hoos London Gin

Buying sources: I’m not completely sure about the shipping situation outside of Germany. But you may find it at some internationally shipping online stores. For more information about Hoos London Gin you can check the manufacturer’s website (only in German language).

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