Just another Lemon Tea

If you have fallen sick for a few days, you are usually drinking a lot of tea at this time. At least I am. I also like tea on a regular day but nonetheless I usually drink far less tea when I’m in good health. And when such a sickness has vanished, there is always something left behind. In this case it was simply the idea, to play around a little bit with typical tea aroma and to create a suitable drink. And even if Earl Gray is not necessarily a tea you’d drink when you’re sick, it is still the sort of tea which a lot of people think of first.

So it should be a cocktail that brings a certain tea flavor with it. In addition, it quickly became clear to me: it should be a drink featuring bergamot and lemon and so I immediately came upon the Stobbe Gin, which I basically combined with self-made Earl Gray syrup in a simple sour. The result of the cocktail is very pleasant and indeed also delightfully tea-like. The drink is not too sweet and has a certain, subtle herb-bitter note that harmonizes nicely with its fresh side and also leaves the Stobbe Gin enough room to unfold its character.

And since it is basically not a complicated drink and I had this earworm while preparing it, the name was quickly found: Just another Lemon Tea.


5.5 cl Stobbe Gin
3 cl lemon juice
2.5 cl of Earl Grey syrup (see below)
1 half egg white
1 Dash The Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters

Earl Grey syrup: In a small pan, bring some strong Earl Grey tea (two teabags on one cup or double the amount of loose tea on a cup) to the boil with sugar in a ratio of 1:1, reduce heat and let the sugar resolve. Let it simmer until it gets a syrup-like consistency. Allow to cool and fill in an airtight container.

Preparation: First, do a “dry shake” with all ingredients without any ice in your shaker. Then add ice and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. Double strain in a teacup and garnish.

Glass: tea set

Garnish: Nest of lemon caramel and some edible silver pearls (for the nest, melt a sugar cube that you have soaked with lemon juice on a cut lemon half with your blowtorch and carefully put it on top of your drink with a pair of tweezers. For a more detailed description I can recommend reading my article about the El Meteor en el Barril.) If you want to, you can also add some loose Earl Grey tea on the rim of the saucer. And as an eyecatcher you can even ignite the tea when serving the drink.

Buying sources: At specialized retailer or online.


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