Pure Spirits: Stobbe 240 Black Currant Barrel Dry Gin & Reserve Apricot Sage Smash

It’s been a while since I wrote about the Stobbe 1776 Black Currant London Dry Gin. At that time, this gin really convinced me with its flavor and I have also used it in some cocktails, for example in the Smuggler’s Cove Straits Sling or in my Just Another Lemon Tea. Last year, another Gin from the house Stobbe appeared on the market: the Stobbe 240 Black Currant 1776 Barrel Dry Gin – today I’m not only going to review that gin, I will also present a very nice and well-fitting cocktail. (provided test product)

I don’t want to tell the whole background of the Stobbe Gin, about the Machandel, Uta Stobbe and the corporate history again here, instead I would like to refer to my article about the Stobbe 1776 Black Currant London Dry Gin in that matter. Today’s gin differs from the Stobbe 1776 Black Currant London Dry Gin because it is a representative of a different category of gin: the Stobbe 240 Black Currant 1776 Barrel Dry Gin is actually a barrel-stored reserve gin. It was allowed to mature for 12 months in oak barrels which are responsible for the characteristic, yellowish coloring of the spirit. If you should wonder about the name: The 240 stands for the 240th anniversary of the House of Stobbe, which was celebrated in 2016. The addition of the word Black Currant also shows us that once again we are dealing with the well-known Botanicals from the Stobbe 1776 Black Currant London Dry Gin with their nice composition of black currants and bergamot. This gin is also distilled in the Schwarzwälder Marder distillery and it is also sold at 43% ABV.

Tasting notes:

Aroma: Immediately the typical Stobbe Black Currant character (which I liked so much) becomes recognizable. It turns out floral and spicy with a noticeable impact of oak. In addition to that there are currants and bergamot, a nice vanilla, subtle cloves and fresh citron tones. The juniper remains in the background here. Again, I have to think of an Earl Grey tea.

Taste: When it comes to the taste, the Stobbe 240 Black Currant Barrel Dry Gin keeps its promises. Citrus, currant, bergamot, then juniper and the oak notes with vanilla, fine caramel and again some cloves. In time, herbal tones pass through, which are lingering long in your mouth. Another beautiful gin from the house of Stobbe!

Finish: long, dry, with oak and bergamot

As I’ve already mentioned above, I also wanted to check out the cocktail suitability of the Stobbe 240 Black Currant Barrel Dry Gin and I decided to make a quite interesting drink: a Reserve Apricot Sage Smash. A long name for an actually relatively simple drink, but still a bit of preparation is required. Apricot nectar from the Tetrapak is not a substitute for freshly squeezed apricot juice from a juicer, so you may have to purchase one. It will reward you with an intensive aromatic juice that harmoniously blends with fresh sage. Lemon juice, a little sugar and the beautiful barrel notes of the Stobbe 240 Black Currant Dry Gin round off the picture. The individual traits of the gin with the currant and the bergamot make the drink complex and very aromatic!

Recipe “Reserve Apricot Sage Smash”:

5.5 cl Stobbe 240 Black Currant Dry gin
3 cl freshly squeezed apricot juice (from the juicer)
½ lemon
1 cl sugar syrup
5 sage leaves
1 dash Peychaud Bitters

Preparation: Add sage leaves and lemon half to your shaker and gently press with your muddler. Add remaining ingredients and shake vigorously on ice. Double-strain into your glass filled with cracked ice.

Glass: tumbler (I opted for the Poly glass from Jakobsen Design)

Garnish: sage leaves and a small apricot

Buying sources: At specialized retailers or online

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