Buttermilk Margarita

Today I’d like to write a few lines about a cocktail that I really like very much and which I got to know quite late actually, I hope you will forgive me that. It was already invented in 2011, which basically once again demonstrates that I am definitely the wrong address if you’re up to staying exclusively in touch with most modern and brand-new trends in the cocktail world. But then again this blog is all about good cocktails and corresponding spirits, so what’s the matter?  So today I’d like to present to you, many years after its creation: the Buttermilk Margarita (or Buttermilch Margarita as it’s called in German).

The Buttermilk Margarita comes from Bar Le Lion in Hamburg, where it was introduced during a tequila tasting. However, the drink was not created by Jörg Meyer, the father of the Gin Basil Smash, but by Bettina Kupsa, who had worked at Hamburg’s 3 Friends Bar before her time at the Le Lion and now runs her own Bar, the Chug Club, in the Hansa city where she specialized on serving shots. Well, while writing about all those nice places I’m once again painfully realizing that I’m definitely not living in the heart of the German bar scene. But at least I’m living in the 21st century and there is a lot of information transpiring.

Buttermilk Margarita may sound funny at first, but it really is an excellent cocktail. Buttermilk is, of course, not everyone’s favorite but also skeptics could get their money’s worth. Personally my primal association with Buttermilk is my grandfather who always had a buttermilk in the fridge and whose passion for that slightly sour milk did not completely become accessible to me back then. But actually, it is this slightly sour freshness that works wonderfully with lemon and lime juice and tequila. However, you should definitely opt for a matured Reposado Tequila whose slightly milder, vanilla tones harmoniously blend with the milk and also the used quince jelly, which bestows a nice sweetness upon the drink that is not too dominating. Despite the impression you might get here, the Buttermilk Margarita is still not a real quince cocktail, but only plays with the subtly sweet aromas of this fruit. So if you still cannot imagine the taste of the Buttermilk margarita on the basis of this description (and I think you won’t), you should immediately grab your shaker.


5 cl Tequila Reposado (I opted for the Topanito Reposado)
3 cl buttermilk
2 cl fresh lime juice
1 cl fresh lemon juice
2 cl agave syrup
1 bar spoon of quince jelly

Preparation: Shake all ingredients vigorously on ice and double-strain into your pre-chilled glass.

Glass: Coupette

Garnish: none

Buying sources: In well-stocked supermarkets could u.U. All ingredients. Otherwise a visit to the specialist trade, in the reform house (for the agave syrup) or of course an online order.

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