The New Single Malt Whiskey


For the first time I would like to write a few sentences about a book today. I do not want to write much about it or bore you with a whole review and also I do not intend to discuss extensive book reviews here in the future (although these naturally have their place in the world of bar culture). But today’s book is a very special one for me, since I could contribute a small part to it.

“The New Single Malt Whiskey” is the title of this book, which has a very ambitious agenda: to introduce and describe Single Malt Whisk(e)ys from all around the world. More than 40 writers from different countries have contributed their expertise and I am very proud to be among them. The book was edited by Carlo DeVito and contains, as the title suggests, an introduction by American whiskey author Clay Risen and a foreword by Chip Tate, the head distiller of the Tate & Company Distillery.


The very extensive and massive book has what it needs to become a standard work while it is also visually very appealing as I think. The book contains complex information on whiskey production, barrel storage, raw materials, history and everything else related to the water of life. There is also a particularly important chapter on cocktails, which provides many beautiful inspirations. The lion’s share of the work is, however, formed by whisk(e)ys from all over the world. There are whisk(e)ys presented from over 25 countries and from 197 distilleries. A total of more than 325 bottles.



Of course I’d like to proudly recommend the book to you and I wish everyone a lot of fun while reading!

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  2. Blends are made of whiskeys selected for balance and compatibility by a savvy blender; the juices inside those bottles have been chosen to work with each other, and many are terrific.

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