From the Brew Kettle: Vatnajökull – Frozen in Time


My last article dates back almost two weeks by now. The reason for that is quite simple because in the meantime I have taken a trip to Iceland for about these two weeks. It is an absolutely fantastic country with a stunning landscape and incredible natural spectacles. But Iceland has not only nature to offer, but also an emerging craft beer movement. Meanwhile, you’ll get craft beers in almost every pub in Reykjavik, or in the second largest city Akureyri and you will be able to find different beer styles on most of the menus.

Nonetheless, beer is not really what you would call a traditional drink in Iceland, at least not in the 20th century, where a big beer industry had no chance to evolve due to the prohibition policy in Iceland which outlawed beer until 1989. To date, the Icelanders celebrate the Day of the beer (bjórdagurinn) on March 01 of each year.

The “Vatnajökull – Frozen in Time” bears the name of Europe’s largest glacier outside the Polar Regions. Therefor it is, of course, frozen in the truest sense of time, but the name also carries another little pun because besides the water of the Vatnajökull glacier there is also wild, Icelandic thyme used in this beer. Created by the Ölvisholt Brugghús Microbrewery in southern Iceland, the Vatnajökull is brewed in the style of a Belgian Ale.

Tasting notes:

On the nose there is an initial sweetness of honey and a really tender scent of thyme, while also fine and not too dominant notes of hops and some roasted malt come through. On the palate the Vatnajökull immediately offers golden honey and a fine herbal note (the thyme is clearly noticeable). Overall it is a very clear and fresh drinking experience you naturally should enjoy as cold as a glacier in accordance to its name.

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Buying Sources: Outside of Iceland it might turn a little difficult. Some Internet stores might help you out with a little luck.

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