From the Brew Kettle: Lindemans Faro Lambic

Lindemans Faro Lambic

Today I want to introduce a quite unusual beer that I absolutely appreciate personally and very much like to drink. Especially as a refreshing alternative to more common beer styles: The Faro by Lindemans. In fact it is a blend of two different Lambics, a more matured and a younger one which result in a truly tasteful overall composition. Most people certainly won’t know the Lambic brewing style, so maybe a few words about it are necessary.

Lambic is a Belgian specialty beer from the area around the capital Brussels, which is based on the principle of spontaneous fermentation. You’re not dealing with a top-fermented or bottom-fermented beer as it the case concerning most other beers. Instead, the yeast from the ambient air is absorbed over time by the wort. Therefor it is stored openly. Earlier in history, before the discovery and gradual cultivation of controlled fermentation, this was the normal procedure in the production of beer. Because of this process, the production of Lambic can be quite tedious, because the length of the fermentation is not precisely calculable. The result is a rather sour tasting and dry beer.

During a second fermentation process a little bit of rock sugar is added to the Lindemans Faro Lambic in order to guarantee a slight but quite appropriate sweetness. Because of this addition we’re unquestionably dealing with a beer which does not match the criteria of the German “Reinheitsgebot” (purity law). But that does not matter at all. Especially in terms of taste.

Tasting notes:

On the nose the Lindemans Faro Lambic starts quite fruity with an almost winy bouquet; but behind that you’ll recognize sweetness and fine hints of yeast. When it comes to the palate the Lindemans Faro Lambic is a real surprise: between a weak, yet dense carbonation fruity and lemony notes occur almost like in lemonade. A fine acidity paired with enigmatic sweetness. Notes of berries can be tasted on the tongue and the Lambic turns out to be very dry in the finish. Almost like some kind of beer-champagne. Truly an experience.

Buying Sources: in specialized stores or online (or of course in Belgium).

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